PAINED | TORN | AGONIZED | A SURVIVOR | Photo shoot by Theody Lorilla

This photo shoot is a dream come true for me. It may not be a ‘big time’ photo shoot but it was an ambition come true because of the theme. Sir Theody Lorilla, the photographer behind the amazing shots, wanted a simple ‘wet look’ as the primary theme of the pictorial. However, I motivated myself to make this photo shoot look ‘more than that’.

As I posed in front of the camera, I used the struggles I experienced in life as a motivation to show such ’emotions’ as seen on the pictures below. Having a great photographer and being true to my feelings, each photo reflected the dark eras of my life. For those people who know my TRUE story, they would recognize what I mean by ‘dark eras’.

In such AGONY…
TORN by darkness…

However, with all these torments, came a STRONG WOMAN who survived all the unnatural thorns a young lady could experience.

I may not have underwent the most profound experience same as other people, but I could say that I went through ‘deep’ obstacles in life at a young age. These photos expressed how strong I have become as a woman:

I can now DEFEND myself; I can now DEFEND my loved ones.

Whoever and whatever I am right now is because of all the obstacles I had experienced in life. Pain – Agony – Torment… Whatever ‘darkness’ that will arrive in our lives will definitely change who we are in the past. It would just depend on what path we’ll be taking: a path towards the better you or the path that would destroy the real you?

Thank you, Sir Theody for this opportunity. 🙂

To contact Sir Theody for inquiries, you may communicate him via Facebook.

Photographer: Theody Lorilla

HMUA: Myself

Location: Quezon City (Photographer’s restaurant)


A Mother’s Pledge

Recently, I was interviewed as an applicant in a school where I am going to teach next. During the initial and final interviews, I CRIED. It was the first time I cried in a JOB INTERVIEW.

What made me cry were the questions about my family. My tears are shallow when people ask me about my family background, especially when they bring up the topic about my mom.

I am a product of a broken family. It has never been easy. I grew up as a strong woman but also aged with a wounded heart. Usually, it is the ‘father’ who leaves their family because of certain reasons. In our case, it is the opposite. I will not elaborate on it anymore. That’s not the point – The point is about how difficult it is to live without a mother.

I grew up with my stepfather. I do not actually consider him that. I treat him as my real father as he treats me as his real daughter. To cut the story short, he did everything to raise me and my brother alone since I was in Grade 2. That was after his separation with my mom. I never saw pain while he was raising us. All I remember is that we were so happy even if we were only 3: him, my brother, and me. I only realized the hardship he was going through when his friends told me his experiences just for us to survive and when he suffered from stroked due to aneurism.

He woke up early in the morning to prepare breakfast, to give us a bath, to prepare us and our things for school, to prepare himself for work, and to bring us to school. After that, he worked morning till evening. He goes one workplace to another. He attended his graduate school classes on Saturdays. He complied his requirements for graduate school during the week. He prepared for his classes because he was a professor. He did the household chores; he cooked for us, did the laundry, cleaned the house, etc. He payed the bills – our tuition fee… He did everything that a mother will do.

However, I did not experience that with my mom. Yes, there were times she helped me; that she was there for me, but most of the time, she wasn’t present when I needed her. Usually when we spend time together, never came the time that she did not get mad or get irritated with me. She wasn’t there when I had my first period. It was my dad who witnessed it. He doesn’t even know what to do that time. All I learned from him was that I needed to put napkin on my undies. During my volleyball competitions, it was my dad who supported me and watched my games. More than that, my mom was not entirely there when I was down. She only came for me when something severe happened to my life. If not for that incident, I guess I wouldn’t have experienced those times I felt that I actually have a mother to defend me.

I even think that maybe it is my fault why my mom is like that. After all, I am an unwanted child at first; because, she was not ready during the time she got pregnant with me. Or maybe, she is like that because I make her feel that I don’t appreciate her. Believe me, I did appreciate the things she had done for me in the past. I tried to reconcile with her. I forgave her for what she did in the past. However, what I could not accept until now is how selfish she is. She would think of herself before us, her children. She has a decent job – a job who pays higher than the work my dad and I have, but she could not give support to us – well, forget about me – to my brothers. I know she has dilemmas of her own, but should her priority be her children?

I have met moms who are financially challenged: moms who sell fish ball, qwek-qwek, and squid ball, and breakfast in front of the school I formerly taught at for a living, yet they were able to give the needs of their children. The other mom (who sells qwek-qwek) actually sends her daughter to a private school. I have friends who are single mothers and literally the only ones who work for their family yet, they are able to send their children to school and give them their other needs. More than giving their children’s needs, those moms are able to be with their children in time of sorrow. Status in life was never a reason for them to NOT FULFILL their responsibilities as a mother. They did all the ways just to support their children. They did it and never stopped being there for their children.

I learned how to do almost everything on my own because I became independent when my father got sick. Of course, I get help, but most of the time, I do things alone. I got used to it already. But, there are times I wanted to give up. There are times that I just wanted to end my life. I could not run to my own mom just like the others. She’s not an OFW, but she’s farther than an OFW parent. I admit, I also make the barriers. I do not talk to her. I do not communicate with her. I just got tired understanding why. I feel like when I have her in my life, she just makes me feel that I wanted to go away from her. Every time I open my arms for her, she just ravages it. The last time was 2 years ago when she publicly humiliated and cursed me in front of my dad, my husband and all the people at a FOOD COURT (long story). Every time I do, she does something that would tear my heart apart. I am not a good daughter to her, but is it my fault? Should it be my fault?

When I became a mom, everything in my life changed: routines, priorities, and my outlook in life.

The first time I held my daughter, I PLEDGED: “Anak, hinding-hindi kita iiwan hanggat nabubuhay ako.”

(“My child, I will not leave you till I am alive.”)

I was always present during the times when my daughter was rushed to the hospital even if it sacrifices the status of my career. I witnessed all her firsts. Before I buy what I want, I make sure I provide her needs. Sometimes, I don’t even get what I want because what I have is only enough for what she needs. But, that’s okay. I’d rather starve than see her starve. I was there for her since day 1. Now that she’s two years old, I continue fulfilling that PLEDGE.

I know that I would experience more difficult challenges as a mother – that I will need to learn more as a mother. But, I will never sacrifice my relationship with my daughter. I will never make her experience the feeling of having an absent mother. I have nothing to be proud of yet, but I will be the best mother I could be to my child.

I will end this blog post with a message for my mom:

Thank you, mom, for bringing me into this world because if you had chosen to lose me, I wouldn’t have played the best role in life – being a mother. Thank you for giving me the pain because if it weren’t for that heartbreak, I wouldn’t have been the mother I am now to my daughter. I hope that there would come a time to finally heal the ‘infected wound’ my heart has. I hope I could move on from the blaze of sorrow you have made me feel. I am hoping that you and I could express everything that we want to utter to each other without pride nor hate. One day mom, you will be proud of what kind of mother I will become, not because you taught me, but because I was able to do it without having you beside me to show it. I may not have said nor shown this to you, but there is still a space for you in my heart because you are still my mom despite of every painful moment I felt. I may have been giving you an angered heart, but there is still that little girl inside me, crying, who is ever wanting to be loved by her MOTHER.

VEEH version 2.0: An Aspiration Continued

Two years ago, I gave birth to my baby girl. I had to sacrifice the things I love to do – that included modeling. The last photo shoot I did was in the year 2014. One day, I asked myself, “Kaya ko pa bang mag-pose sa harap ng camera?” I weighed double after a year I gave birth. There were a lot of opportunities to attend photo shoots but I always neglected the offers because I had doubts about myself – my confidence level deteriorated. I would always imagine myself looking so wide in my photos.

Out of nowhere, I browsed the Facebook page of the photography group I belong to – CONCEPT PHOTOGRAPHY UNLIMITED. A photographer, Sir Miller Daniolco, posted a photo announcing about an open photo shoot – meaning, anyone can join. I reflected – “Pupuntahan ko ba ito?” I needed a feel of confirmation. Therefore, I confided this to my husband. When I asked him about whether I should go or not, he said yes – that I must attend. He is really supportive with what hobbies I do in life.  So, I felt motivated an grabbed the opportunity.

November 26, 2017 was the date of the photo shoot. The theme for that pictorial was ‘BRIDAL’ and ‘HIGH FASHION’. It’s a good thing I also have a very supportive mother-in-law. She was the one who sponsored the gowns, dresses, and accessories I used  for that day. I prepared a lot of outfits even if I know that an outdoor shoot would only be able to feature two sets of outfit. I chose a blue gown for the bridal theme and a black cocktail dress for the high fashion theme.

With great photographers, this were the results of the pictorial:


The best shot for me!



It’s just so amazing seeing BTS photos. Everything looks normal in the BTS but when the photos were uploaded, that normal-looking state turned into astonishing shots!

I thought, I could never continue my aspiration to become a model. After this photo shoot, I wanted to prove something: that I do not need to have a perfect body to continue this passion of mine; all I need is determination and confidence! Likewise, I got more enticed in proving other people that a woman DOES NOT ALWAYS have to show too much ‘SKIN’ and ‘privates’ just to become a model; especially, with my profession as a teacher, I need to keep my dignity – that I could be a model while keeping my dignity as a teacher.

Kudos to these photographers for the wonderful outcome of the photo shoot:

Alexander Josef
Banjo Paderna
Benedict Portillano
Jelo Rañola
Jim Navarrete Nerpio
Joel Panlilio Maniquis
Kevin Montemayor
Mario Pasamonte
Michael Emocling
Michael P. Mejellano
Raffy De Guzman
Theody Lorilla
Lester De Guzman

I would also want to thank the HMUA for this event, Desieriel Jarapa Estanislao. You really did a simple yet glamorous make-up on me! Great job!

This isn’t the end; this is just the beginning of my passion in photo modeling.


Till next blog post! ❤



Traumatic Shoulder Injury: Is this the End of my Athletic Life?

JANUARY 25, 2017 – an unexpected tragedy happened.

It was the Intramurals Week at Far Eastern University – Silang together with its 8th anniversary celebration. As usual, I was excited to participate in the games. I was looking forward to join the basketball and volleyball competitions. However, a heart-breaking experience happened.


I am an athlete since I was 7. I started with Taekwondo then became part of the women’s basketball varsity at the Assumption College when I was in Grade 3. When I transferred to a public school, there was no team for basketball girls. That was when I joined the volleyball varsity. I was Grade 5 then.

I continued my volleyball career until high school. I have been into different competitions: interbarangay, district and division meets. If only I was not a financial aid scholar during college, I would surely continue my volleyball career then. My dad did not want me to apply as an athlete scholar because he thought that my grades will suffer. Nonetheless, I still participate in sport fests and tune-up games till now. I even joined the high school varsity training during my first year of teaching.


As what I have mentioned, it was the sports fest at FEU-Silang where I am working right now. There were four (4) teams: White Phoenix, Green Pythons, Yellow Panthers, and Black Titans. I belonged to Team White Phoenix. The members of our team were competitive – even the teachers. January 25 was the scheduled date of all our games since it was postponed the day before that due to heavy rains.

We had our basketball game in the morning. Honestly, I really got exhausted. My strength diminished compared to the strength I have when I was in high school and college. However, we had 7 hours of rest before our volleyball game so I thought I can still play with full force.

During the start of the first set, I was doing fine. All of my service went in and I was able to dig each spike that went towards me. Suddenly, when my student dug the ball which was not over, of course, I tried to get it by doing a spike. From that move, I suddenly felt extreme pain! I could not move my arm anymore! It was stock in its position! I did not cry, though. I have high pain tolerance. However, as I describe the pain, it was like breaking my bones. Worst, it was like removing my whole arm.

They were attempting to carry me because I can’t really bear the pain anymore.

I was hurriedly sent to a hospital near the school. Ms. Mitch, my colleague, was the one who assisted and patiently went with me while they were reporting the incident to my husband. Unfortunately, the hospital affiliated to the school located at Estrella, Silang, did not have the specific doctor I need and the facilities to cure me. What’s worse was that the nurse forced me to bring my arm down to capture an X-RAY photograph of my injury with the fact that I couldn’t because of the extreme pain! I hesitated; therefore, Ms. Mitch and I decided to transfer at De La Salle University Medical Center – Dasmarinas.

I was sent there after an hour. The pain was getting worse because of the numbness I was feeling. I really couldn’t put my arm down. We directly went to the emergency room. They did an X-RAY of my injured shoulder. After a few minutes, my husband came. Thank God! I felt better (emotionally) when I saw him. The first result of my X-RAY was TERRIBLE!

According to the doctors, my shoulder injury was a rare case because my bone did rotate upwards nor downwards; thus, it went inwards. This explains the pain I felt.

I waited for more hours then finally, the doctors told me what procedure they will be doing – it’s an operation without surgery, but I needed an anesthetic agent for me not to feel the painful sensation of what they are going to do. Additionally, they said that I am required to be admitted so that they could observe the result of the procedure.

My husband and I were worried because financially, we do not have money to pay for the operation and room where I will be admitted. We had no choice but to ask our relatives for money and pay it after some time. We actually hate having debts. But, we had no choice. However, with the help of Ms. Mitch, she was able to rely our concern. She was the one who communicated about the incident and proposed that maybe, I could be entitled with an insurance. In other words, the school shouldered the expenses.

To cut the story short, Ms. Mitch was able to rely this concern to FEU-Cavite’s Executive Director, Mr. Olivier Dintinger. My husband and I were so glad about this news. I was and still thankful because of this. ❤

FAST FORWARD – I was operated at dawn. They said that the operation was done in a jiffy since it was only external. As I woke up, I’m already in the recovery room and was brought to my room. My shoulder felt better but the pain was still there. I was advised not to lift it up, to carry using my right arm, and the most painful thing I heard once again, TO NOT PLAY SPORTS. I asked whether I can still ride a mountain bicycle. The doctors said that I have to wait for a month or more depending on the duration of the pain. I was also advised to undergo therapy sessions for my right shoulder and arm.


I hope that after I rest my shoulder, I would be able to do the things I love: playing sports and cycling. Though the doctor said that my injury can reoccur (especially that I am still young), I still hope that I can still be physically active. 😦


I just feel bad that I am always limited to the things I love to do because of health reasons. I still do hope that I can still engage into sports – even just cycling. That would definitely make me happy.

For those athletes out there with the same injury as mine, yes it is frustrating, but do not lose hope. Let’s altogether battle this stage of our athletic life! 🙂 #goodvibes

Please pray for my speedy recovery. Thank you. ❤


Rules for Being Human by Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott (As Cited from a Textbook)

While I was reviewing my tutee in the subject, GMRC (Good Moral and Right Conduct), I saw this article entitled, “Rules of Being Human”. I suddenly had a wake-up call about my attitude towards how I view life. I told myself, “These rules are reminders for me and for the people who think like me.” Therefore, I decided to feature the article here in my blog.

As I researched more about the article, I found out that it was from a book written by Cherie Carter-Scott, Ph.D. entitled, “If Life is a Game, These are The Rules: Ten Rules of a Fulfilling Life”.

Dr. Carter-Scoot is an author known to write about behavioral and self-development books. *This tickled my interest about her books. I hope I would be able to read them soon.*

As I cite each of the rule, I will be sharing my own thoughts and experiences so that you can relate with the article, too. 🙂

1. You will receive a body.


“You may like it or hate it, but it will be yours for the entire period of this time.”

I am insecure with women who have model-like and sexy bodies. I have a short height, massive thighs, and slightly big arms. I am an aspiring model which is why I have this insecurity. Also, here in the Philippines, it’s a big deal being ‘perfect’. Each flaw you have will be crassly addressed to you — “Ang taba mo!”, “Huwag kang mag-shorts! Ang laki laki ng hita mo e!”, “Dati sexy ka, anong nangyari ngayon?”, “Hindi pwede mag-model ang matataba!”

But, you know what? I usually just ignore them. I just focus on developing my self-confidence, though of course, insecurities are instilled in my ego. However, I see to it that instead of hating myself everyday, I empower my confidence in different ways such as applying my favorite makeup and wearing fashionable clothes.

I’m sure you have your own ways on how to make yourself feel more confident. Do them instead of comparing yourself with others.

2. You will learn lessons.


“You are enrolled in a full-time informal school called life. Each day in this school, you will have an opportunity to learn lessons. You may like the lessons or think them as irrelevant and stupid.”

We will commit mistakes and do the most foolish things in life. It’s normal! Yes, we will regret things in the end, but we will surely learn from them. I, myself, has committed mistakes I regret even up to now. Some of them really affected my life negatively; however, I learned a lot from those faults, and I am assaying not to repeat them so that I would not feel the same pain again.

One example was when I trusted a person who happened to be very close to our family. After years of being a family friend, we never thought that he would do a very grievous action against me. Since then, I never gave full trust to anyone — not even to the people closest to me and to my family.

3. There are no mistakes, only lessons.


“Growth is a process of trial and error; an experimentation. The failed ‘experiment’ are as much a part of the experiment process as the experiment ultimately works.”

For every mistake, there’s a lesson learned. At my age, I have acquired different lessons in life related to love, family, attitude, teaching, marriage, and friendship.

Being in several relationships, I had done things that had hurt my partner — that was I, being a dishonest girlfriend. It turned out, dishonesty destroyed years of our relationship. I had learned from that mistake, and now that I am married, I avert myself from being a dishonest wife to my better half. Now, I enjoy the trust he gives me as I relish the trust I give to my husband. ❤

4. A lesson is repeated until learned.


“A lesson will be presented to you in various forms until you have learned it. When you have learned it, you can then go on to the next lesson.”

Familiar with this? — “Bakit paulit-ulit na lang ako nasasaktan?!”

One answer to that question: it is because you repeat the same mistake!

In connection to my previous example about love, I had been broken tons of times! It is because I let guys hurt me over and over again. I kept on giving them my full trust, letting them take advantage of me, and allowing them to tear me apart.

If you keep on repeating your mistakes, you will feel the same pain in different ways. Nonetheless, it is how we, human beings, learn from our faults. Remember, with every mistake, there is an equivalent lesson.

5. Learning the lessons does not end.


“There is no part of life that does not contain its lessons. As long as you are alive, there are lessons to be learned.”

Let’s accept the fact that lessons in life are infinite; we will be facing different lessons until we die.

This is the reason why the best people to ask for advice are the veterans and our parents. They have faced various ups and downs already. I often ask myself, “Why would the challenges in my life never stop!”. There are times I get tired of all the obstacles I am going through. For those people who know my life story, they witnessed the hellish things I have been experiencing. It is like I just want my life to pause for a moment, and take a break. However, with these lessons, it turned me into a better person. It gave me maturity with the way how I think and act. These lessons are actually BLESSINGS. 🙂

6. THERE is NO better than HERE.


“When your THERE has become a HERE, you will simply obtain another THERE that will again look better than here. “

We often neglect the matters we have in the present. We always want to have whatever we see from others — not realizing that we already have great things in our hands.

I admit — I am like this most of the time. I always compare the things I see ‘there’ with the things I have ‘here’. I usually fail to see the blessings given to me by God.

One example is my career. I feel pity for myself because I believe that my career is being left behind. I get insecure when I see social media posts of my friends about their ‘MA’ lives. Although I know that I became impulsive with my past decisions, I still feel downhearted because this plan of mine has been delayed for 2 years. Then, here comes the people who keep on encouraging me to pursue my goals in life — that being a mom at 21 is never a hindrance to make my dreams come true, hence, it is a great motivation. So, I am now slowly accomplishing what are needed for me to go on to this next chapter of my life.

7. Others are merely mirrors of you.


“You cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects something you love or hate about yourself.”

I just realized that we base our standards on what we love or hate about ourselves. Like in choosing a partner — if you know that you are an extrovert, then you will definitely enjoy a partner who is as sociable as you are; if you hate yourself for being fat, then you will look for a partner who is physically fit.

In my case, since I hate the fact that I am emotionally weak, I tend to love and be with those people who are emotionally weak as well. It is because I understand what they are going through. I can definitely relate to most of their experiences in life, and how they handle them.

8. What you make of your life is up to you.


“You have all the tools and resources you need. What you do with them is up to you. The choice is yours.”

Lately, I have read a post from a former student of mine that says, “There is no such thing as a bad child; only bad parenting.”

That may be partly true; HOWEVER, whatever it is that is happening to your life and its outcome, is BECAUSE OF YOU. Stop blaming parents, or others for what you have become. WE MOLD OUR FUTURES. WE MOLD OURSELVES.

I did not grow up with a mother beside me. It was my father who took care of me and my brother all throughout. I could have chosen to become a rebel — to drown myself in vices, to fool around with my studies, to do crimes; but still, I did not. I’m not saying that I am a perfect daughter — what I mean is that I could have chosen the damaged path, but no. Instead, I accepted my fate and stood up with my own two feet with my family’s guidance. I graduated college as a full scholar, and I did not give my dad too much vexation. Yes, I made a lot of mistakes as a teenager, but I can proudly say that it never came to a point that my family would detest me for who I am and for what I have become now.

9. Your answers lie inside of you.

Questions and Answers signpost

“The answers to life’s questions lie inside you.  All you need to do is look, listen, and trust.”

Most of the times, we do not know the answers to our questions about what’s going on in our lives. Then, one day, we would experience something — we would suddenly realize that whatever happened to us before has its reason — it’s God’s will.

Before I met my husband, I kept on asking myself why my current relationship that time was deteriorating. It turned out that the answers to my question before were: it was because of my immature attitude, and it was God’s plan to make me fall in love with a more deserving man. If it weren’t for those failures I had experienced in my love life, I wouldn’t have been a better mate to my husband today.

10. You will forget these at birth.


“You can remember it if you want by unravelling the double helix of inner knowing.”

Of course, we will forget these ‘rules’. With all the intense battles we face in life, we unintentionally forget what we learn in life. However, when we are feeling down, we can always look up to this and remember that WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS — we are not perfect, we prospect for better things in life, we make mistakes.

These ‘rules’ are not commandments; these are simply ‘universal truths’ that apply to all of us whatever state of life we are in.

Let’s live our lives to the fullest! We should enjoy all the blessings that God has given us!


Live. Learn. Love. ❤

Life is the best blessing we could ever have. Just remember:

“Being a human is given, but HUMANITY is a choice”.

Until the next post! Thank you for dropping by! ❤




Carlos, M. L. G. (2012). Me and others. In M. Sutania (Ed.), True Filipino: Thought, in word and in deed (2nd ed., pp. 129-131). Quezon City: FNB Educational, Inc.

My Unforgettable 24th

My birthday is ultimately significant for me. Yearly, I look forward to celebrating it.

Honestly, I was very pessimistic before my 24th birthday. Since I am a full time mom right now, I felt that celebrating this day was not likely to happen. Knowing our present situation, it is only my husband providing our needs. It is necessary for him to tighten up his belt to provide all our daily necessities, especially Viannah’s. That is why our plan to dine at Vikings Buffet did not push through. Though I understand, I still felt bad about it.


Never did I expect that my 24th birthday will become a BLAST! You may mistaken me for being luxurious; however, I really am not. All I want is that people would remember my birthday. Well, I am really that type of person. I like people, especially those close to my heart, to remember occasions like this. Simple greetings from my closest family members and friends will already give me great joy. I will actually be contented with that.

First thing in the morning, Viannah and Vigil sang a happy birthday song for me. My husband sang the ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ part, and Viannah sang the, ‘MOMMY’ part; as in, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOMMY!” They were so cute! ❤ My daughter kissed me, and it was the sweetest greeting, ever!

Also, it was not only my family and friends who greeted me, but also my former students mostly from De La Salle University – Dasmarinas. I really felt worthy as a teacher. ❤

I really felt loved by my family and friends. #feelingloved

These are just some of the Facebook greetings from them:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I had nothing at all.

I really had no money; not even a single peso to at least treat my family out. The money I get from my tutorial sessions is just enough to buy my daughter’s diapers and milk; sometimes, it’s even inadequate.

I accepted the fact that my husband would just give me a budget to buy the ingredients I need to use, so I could cook a dish for my birthday. However, he did not even wake up early for us to go to the wet market *since it’s cheaper there*. It was already 10 o’clock when he woke up, and hurriedly got our dirty clothes to be washed. The more that I felt hopeless because doing the laundry means not — going — ANYWHERE.

I cried. I really did. I told myself that there will not be a celebration for me. I also told myself that if only I have a stable job, I could at least spend money to order a pizza for my birthday. I mean, birthdays only occur once a year, right? So, might as well celebrate!

Then, that afternoon, he suddenly asked me, “Mommy, magkano ba yung makeup na gusto mo?”. I answered, “Hindi ko alam. Basta sale ang Maybelline at Buy One Take One yung Ever Bilena.” Then he replied, “O sige, bibigyan na lang kita ng budget tapos ikaw na bumili.” Then I ranted, “Gusto ko samahan mo ako!”. He insisted that I should just buy the makeup products myself. So, I said that I’ll be buying the makeup at SM Bacoor because Robinsons Imus is usually out-of-stock, especially their Maybelline stall. After a while, I mouthed, “Ay hindi. Sa SM Dasma na lang ako bibili. Mas maraming stocks doon.” Then he suddenly asked me, “Anong oras tayo aalis?”. I got confused. So I asked him back, “Ha? Pupunta tayo sa palengke? Anong oras na. Wala na tayong mabibiling seafood doon.” He did not utter anything after that. He just prepared the things he needed for his bath. He brought out his brown longsleeve polo. I wondered. I was like, “Huh? Mamalangke lang kami tapos naka-longsleeve pa siya.” He, then said, “Sa SM Dasma ka bibili diba?”

A HUGE SMILE appeared on my face. I excitedly said, “Sasamahan mo ako?!” Then he replied yes.

We went out on a date. Thanks to my brother-in-law who took care of Viannah for us. We had a double celebration: my 24th birthday and our 2nd wedding anniversary. ❤



After we bought the makeup products I wanted, we roamed around the mall and looked for a restaurant which serves scrumptious food, yet not too pricey. We discovered MESA FILIPINO MODERNE *will be featured in this blog, soon!*. We had a great time! We loved the food, and enjoyed our time together. ❤

I was very happy! It’s not only because we were able to eat outside, but also because he spent time just to celebrate my birthday despite of his busyness and stress at work. ❤ #happywifey

A wish granted!

When I first saw the trailer of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”, I got extremely sad because I knew that I will not be able to watch it on the big screen! Ever since Harry Potter was introduced on cinemas, I never missed any of it. I love Harry Potter which is why I wanted to watch Fantastic Beasts badly. Because of frustration, I posted this:

capture1I did not expect that someone would grant this simple wish of mine… my Papa Roger! ❤ He knows how I love HP so much. He is a living witness!

My dad is also facing a financial crisis; however, he was still able to treat me for my birthday *though he enjoys free movie tickets because of his PWD Movie Pass*. I’m already 24 but he still treats me like his only baby girl. *lol!*

I traveled to Makati so that it’ll be convenient for my dad. We watched at Cash and Carry Mall. He bought me my favorite popcorn, Tater’s Minor League in White Cheddar. I enjoyed the movie so much! After watching, we ate at the mall’s ‘Food Circle’. I only asked for simple food: goto and palabok from Gloria’s Gotohan. As usual, he ordered the Sinigang na Ulo sa Miso from Baliwag’s Lechon Manok.

I really appreciated my dad’s effort. Up until now, he never fails to make me happy. ❤ #forverspoiled

The celebration didn’t end on the day of my birthday.

There was a sudden post celebration. My best buddy, Kimberly, messaged me on Facebook. She asked me out the following day. Since her off from work is on Mondays, we decided to eat out and have fun!

She was supposed to treat me a cinema ticket of Fantastic Beasts, but my dad already did. So, I just told her that I want to do the usual craziness with her. We planned to wear the same style and color of outfit. You know, ‘TWINNING’. #bestfriendgoals

Thanks to my mother-in-law, I was able to spend time with my best friend. We went to Mall of Asia, Pasay. Believe it or not, we spent an hour walking inside the mall just to find a place where to eat. You know, when we’re together, we talk a lot and do not notice that we’re already strolling for hours. *lol!* We settled at Don Henrico’s. We loved the service and food there *also to be featured here in my blog*. We conversed about a lot of things: crazy and matured things. I really enjoy talking to her because she’s a woman who has a broad and open mind. She never judged me for who I am and for what I have become.

We laughed. We ate. We had fun. ❤

After we filled our tummies, we went to Timezone. We wanted to sing our hearts out! Sadly, there were no vacant videoke rooms. We asked the mall guards to recommend a place where we can sing. They brought us to Centerstage Family KTV and Restobar, Seaside.

15285065_10207722016827711_758309435324021450_nWe were lucky to have an available room with a rate of 250Php/ hour. Not bad! We only planned to stay for an hour, but we extended because we really enjoyed. We sang like crazy and even took videos of ourselves. I am having second thoughts if I’ll be posting them because I have a horrible singing voice! *lol!* Thanks to Kimmy, she covered it up with her amazing tone. Haha! 🙂

We had a great time. There will come a day that it’ll be I who would ask her out, and make her have an awesome moment with me. All I could tell her was THANK YOU. For 11 years, she never left my side even during the years she was in Singapore. ❤ #thankfulfriend

My favorite picture of us. Truly candid!

I am blessed… OVERLY BLESSED!

With all the challenges my family and I are facing right now, I realized that I am still very blessed. ❤

Being blessed is not because I was still able to eat at restaurants or to watch a movie, but it is because I am blessed with people who TRULY loves me. I am surrounded by supportive, loving, caring, true, and awesome people who accepts me for who I am. ❤

As you age, you will realize who are TRUE to you.

You maybe spending time with people at parties or different celebrations right now, but not all of them would be true to you in the future.

You can end up with only a few people beside you, but what’s important is that they will truly love and accept you even though flaws are covering you up. ❤

A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me! I am thrilled to know the next chapter of my life. ❤

#Veehat24 #thankful #happiestbirthday #blessed

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The VeehGil Wedding 2014: An Inexpensive Nuptial Made Possible

WEDDING – a heavenly dream for couples who have pumping love for their better halves. It is a once and a lifetime event that will bring nirvana to Earth. Joyful grins and cushioned hearts are felt everywhere. It is the time when love reaches the finish line and denotes success for two people who are struck by Cupid’s bow and arrow.

A lot of my friends have been asking me about our wedding day; the process, papers, catering, venue, and the church. Our wedding was really budgeted; it was not thoroughly planned. However, I still consider it as the most magical day of my life.

We decided to get married in June 2014 and set the nuptial date on November 22, 2014.

Before planning what dress to wear, where the wedding ceremony should take place, and whatsoever exciting things to plan, complete your documents first!

Getting married is impossible without the REQUIRED DOCUMENTS. So, this shall be your TOP priority.

You have to get a MARRIAGE LICENSE first. Without this, there would be no marriage rites.

Here’s a checklist on how to get a marriage license:

  • NSO copy of birth certificate (check the spellings; it’s really a BIG deal)
  • NSO CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) which should have ‘For Marriage’ as the purpose
  • ID’s (all government ID’s you’ve got)
  • Recent CEDULA
  • Barangay Certificate
  • If you’re 24 years old and below, you’ll need a parent consent form. In my case, since I grew up with only my dad beside me, I had to ask my Ninong (who’s a lawyer) to do a notary public that says that my dad is my only guardian to give the consent.
  • Seminar Certificates. You’ll need to attend seminars about family planning and marriage life.

If you are to get married in a Catholic church, you’ll need the following:

  • Baptismal Certificate (I had to travel all the way to Bicutan just to get mine *I was pregnant back then, and that time was a struggle for me*.)
  • Certificate of Confirmation (Make sure you have this; if not, Quiapo Church offers confirmation every Sunday *my husband had no record of this at San Ildefonso Church in Makati that’s why he needed to attend another confimation*.)
  • Marriage License
  • Schedule for an interview with the parish priest
  • Of course, down payment.

***I may have missed some requirements. You may search the web for more information or better yet, go to the city hall (the city where you plan to get married) for the complete list.

It really isn’t about how extravagant a wedding is; it’s about the MEMORIES.

Our wedding actually followed the traditional one. But if I were to be wedded today, I would have gone for a simpler but a complete one. What do I mean by complete? Well, since we lacked time and budget, we had not got the chance to have a prenup video and photo shoot *which I do regret badly*. We haven’t had the chance to plan about having a guestbook and a wedding album *my guestbook was just a scrapbook I designed* which is why I am planning to have our wedding pictures placed in a magnetic album soon.

A wedding should be memorable but it does not mean extravagant and expensive.

We proved that. Our wedding was possibly done with a little budget.

Everything happened in a jiffy! My pregnancy was unplanned and so our wedding. Our family and of course, we *now husband and wife* would like to be married before our baby arrives. Aside from the fact that we love each other, we also took into consideration the legitimacy of our child, and how ‘not being married in church’ would affect our profession *especially when we apply to Catholic schools*.

Now, I’ll be featuring how our wedding went on (from church to reception), and how it was possibly done with a limited budget (from dress to giveaways).


St. Joseph the Worker Parish | Palanan, Makati City

This church was actually the request of my Papa Roger. He wanted us to get married here for some reason. Luckily, before our wedding day, the church had undergone renovation.

Inside the church | See how guests I invited did not come? *sigh*


Originally, it was 10,000Php. It’s really expensive for a small church like this. The 10,000-peso fee was inclusive of flowers, the red carpet, and the choir. But I tell you, if only we had more time to prepare and think things out, and if only I had more knowledge about weddings that time, I would have requested to assign a better choir *like, maybe, my students*. We weren’t able to choose what songs to be sung during the entourage, and the choir didn’t really sing fantastically *it basically sounded like a regular mass*.

We asked the parish priest to give us a discount by not including the flowers. He set 8,000Php as the final price. I didn’t want them to provide the flowers because that ‘2,000Php’ would only be for the aisle flowers; no bride’s bouquet yet. So, my best friend and I canvassed flowers at DANGWA.

As you can see, the decoration was very simple for an 8,000-peso fee. I am not saying that I am after the money. It’s just that in my own view, the money spent wasn’t worth it. Should churches really ask a big amount for a Sacrament of Matrimony? *just an opinion*.

Our wedding was scheduled at 3PM of November 22, 2014. However, as a lesson learned, you have to be at the church earlier. Since it was a Saturday, the church had afternoon mass schedules. It’s a no-no to be late.


DANGWA is the best place for flowers here in Metro Manila. Since it was a BER-month, the flowers were expensive that time. However, I didn’t settle for one store. My best friend and I really roamed around to find the cheapest yet worthy store of flowers; and, we did! As I could remember it, I spent more or less 3,000-4,000Php on flowers inclusive of the bride’s bouquet, aisle flowers, male and female corsages, and the mixed petals for the flower girls.

It’s sad that I lost the receipt and their contact numbers; although, I remember their store’s location. They really gave a great service. The complied with the delivery time I had set. In fact, they even delivered it earlier. Plus, they were friendly. They also congratulated me via a text message.



Again, if only I had enough budget, I would have chosen a dress of my own design.

The design of my wedding dress was simple yet elegant. It was the boutique’s staff who had an awful service.

My wedding dress | Empire cut

Where to find cheap wedding dresses? DIVISORIA! Everything’s there! We were really tight on the budget, so I set aside my dream wedding dress. I bought this dress for only 1,500Php inclusive of the ring and coin arras pillows, the wedding garter, the cord, and the veil. Cheap, right? But in all fairness, it didn’t look cheap at all. If only I had extra money, I would have asked them to do longer veil.

The front view of my dress | I really don’t have a great frontal shot while I was walking on the aisle because I was crying the whole time *long story*.

Given that I was 6 months pregnant, this tube wedding gown made me look wider *really WIDE!*. This is the reason why my shots were more of back poses. I would advice that if you think your upper body structure and arms look wide, go for a laced-sleeve dress or put on something that will cover your arms like an off-shoulder wedding dress.

Going back to why I said the service of this bridal boutique was awful — THEY TAILORED MY DRESS, LATE! I told them that I was going to pick-up my dress at November 10, 2014, Monday. That’s 12 days before my wedding day. However, they said that IT WASN’T FINISHED YET! They also reasoned out that the dress would be coming from the province! How unprofessional! I was really so stressed out! Then, I asked them a date when I could pick-up my dress, and they told me, Wednesday. That was November 12, 2014. And then, when I followed them up an evening before Wednesday via SMS, they told me that the dress would be delivered to their shop on Friday, November 14, 2014! It was 4 days late!

I am not going to recommend you their boutique even if the dress they made was lovely. If you want, you may stroll around Divisoria to canvass. There are lots of boutiques for you to choose from.

Just a tip: Do not buy inside 168 or malls beside it because they offer a more expensive price, but if you can afford it, go ahead. I forgot the name of the building where I bought my dress, but it’s near Mang Inasal and almost beside 168 mall. That building sells cheaper dresses.

I also bought my shoes and accessories at Divisoria *really the best place for me*. I needed to find a pair of heels which would make we walk comfortably since I was pregnant then. However, I was only able to wear it at the church ceremony because I had a hard time walking with it since I was heavier due to my pregnancy. As for my earrings, I bought a clip-designed one. I am allergic to the usual earrings *my ears are not pierced*. Then, I saw a 99-peso set of accessories which included a necklace, a bracelet, and a pair of earrings which I did not wear (I gave it to my mother-in-law).

See? You really don’t need an expensive wedding dress nor extravagant accessories. Does it even look cheap one me in the pictures? It’s really how you BRING YOURSELF *even if your pregnant ;)*


My husband really doesn’t want to wear suits in these kinds of occasions. He prefers to wear BARONG. He actually has a collection of it.

He didn’t go for the usual white barong. He wanted something unique so he bought a very elegant brown barong. Guess where he bought it? Also at Divisoria, haha! It was worth 600Php.

What I liked about his barong was the ombre-colored design. 🙂 As for his slacks, he just used what he has (actually, the one he uses for teaching). As for his shoes, we also bought it at Divisoria woth 350 or 400Php as I remember it.

A closer look ❤


My eldest brother sponsored our wedding ring. I really am blessed with loving and thoughtful brothers. I didn’t want a fancy one. What I wanted was like the wedding ring of Bella and Edward Cullen of Twilight. The budget given to us was 10,000Php. We went to Ongpin (China Town) to look for ‘legit’ gold wedding rings *be careful of fake ones!*. We were able to purchase a paired wedding ring worth more or less 6,000Php *I don’t remember the exact price*. The ring we got was white gold *I forgot how many karats*. What I did not like about the ring was the carving of our names. It was just handwritten. Nonetheless, the ring itself is simple yet posh.


Hotel services are costly. It was a challenge for me and my MIL to find a cheap, yet classy hotel. We found THE SUEZ HOTEL (also known as The Suez Serviced Studios). It’s a very small hotel but they have a great service. Also, the room was clean and the ambiance was relaxing. They have a mini bar and a great view on their roof top where we shot our preparation photos and our SDE (Same-day edit).

Photos grabbed from Google

The rate was 2,400 pesos for 24 hours. My MIL and I checked-in at 2PM the day before the wedding and checked out at 2PM the next day. My husband just went at the hotel at 10AM to prepare, while my HMUA came at 9AM.

The hotel’s facilities are also nice except that we were only provided with one room card key which was supposed to be 2 since the room was for two. The 2,400Php was inclusive of breakfast, the room, and the use of amenities. Also, the room had a mini refrigerator and a TV (though I think hotel rooms must really have those) *sorry, I don’t usually check-in to hotels so I really have no idea*.

A shot on the roof top. ❤

For more inquiries, contact them at:

2616 Suez St., Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Makati City | 804-2723/ 804-3553 | or


I am blessed to have an older brother who’s a chef, so he was the one who handled the catering services for our wedding. Well, it was his close friends’ catering services, and as I remember it, our wedding was their first wedding event they catered food at. The name of the catering services is D&G Catering.

D&G Catering Services | FB: @DGcateringservices888 | 0916-696-2259/ 0917-794-3740/ 0922-835-6389

How were we able to pay for the catering services? Sponsors. My Papa Danny sponsored the catering services. Food is one of the biggest budget you should prepare for. I was blessed to have someone who shouldered the expenses.

Their food was absolutely sumptuous! Even our guests gave the same feedback. The package for 100 pax is worth 30,000Php inclusive of food, tables, chairs, and center table decorations.

Since my brother knows I love pink, he asked the set-up to be pink even though the motif of the our wedding was rainbow.I also loved what they did with the table napkin (4th photo) because it was personalized. They tied a ribbon attached with a circular paper that has our initials and the date of our wedding on it.

Our menu was complete; pork, beef, fish, vegetables, pasta, and dessert *however, I do not remember the specific dishes prepared except for the fish fillet and carbonara*.

The owners on my left side and my brother on the right side.

Visit their Facebook account or contact them at the given numbers above. You may look for Dan. ❤


My Papa Danny’s (Danny Ignacio) business is photography: VIGNETTE PHOTOGRAPHY. So definitely, I am again blessed to have consumed quality services for free. In tandem with my eldest brother, Bogs Ignacio, they have been hoarding awards locally and internationally. They are members of the WPPP (Wedding and Portrait Photographers of the Philippines) and WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International).

All wedding photos used in this blog post, except the ones with the caption ‘grabbed from Google, were their shots. Take note, the photos used here are just the RAW photos; not Photoshopped yet. Amazing, right? Vignette Photography it is!

***Most of the photos I uploaded here are not the original size which is why some are in low quality and are pixelated already. I had to compress the pictures for faster uploading. For the best quality of photos, you may visit my wedding albums on my Facebook account: Veeh Narvaez-Batario.

Aside from the photos, they were the ones who produced our AVP (Growing up photos) and SDE (On-site video). I haven’t uploaded our AVP yet, but our SDE is on my Facebook account.


After our on-site video had been presented, many were amazed. A lot of our guests asked the photo and video services that covered our wedding — even up to now. However, there was a human error done on our SDE video. You will notice that the date was incorrectly type written — instead of ’22nd’ it was ’22th’.

Nonetheless, I am satisfied with my dad’s team! I hope one day, my dad will permit me and my husband to have the postponed prenup shoot maybe on the 5th year of our marriage… that’ll be called the ‘post-nuptial shoot’ *lol!*.

For more inquires, you may contact them at:

Danny Ignacio | 09228556872 and Bogs Ignacio | 09258051887 – You may also visit my kuya’s Facebook page: Bogs Ignacio Signature Photography


It was also a challenge for us to find a cheap venue. I mean this is MAKATI — everything’s costly. We saw this building named, The WSI Corporate Center, located on Metropolitan Avenue in Makati City. It’s an all-in-one venue great for business meetings, parties, weddings, and debuts.


We occupied the Multipurpose Hall and Open Deck for 4 hours. The rate last 2014 was 12,000Php. Now, it’s already 14,000Php. Also, we added a certain amount for the LCD projector, and for the additional electricity that we consumed for the electric guitar and camera lights. The rate summed up to 13,000+ but less than 14,000. We had the whole floor on our own which I really liked. The venue was fully air-conditioned. Also, Von, the one who assisted us, added an hour use of the venue for FREE! He also offered cocktail tables (which were placed on the open deck) and chairs for free.However, we weren’t able to make use of the open deck that much because it rained during the reception *just right after our photo shoot*. If ever, it would have been a great place for dancing, drinking, and chitchats. There was also a mini kitchen backstage. It had a large refrigerator and a sink; a great help for food preparation. Comfort rooms were also on the same floor. What I loved about the comfort rooms is that it’s not too small, so I was able to change into my red dress hassle-free.

I also saw the building’s roof top. It’s a larger place good for 200 pax. You just have to rent tents in case it rains during your event.

A shot on WSI’s Open Deck.

For more questions, contact Von Ordonez at the given numbers above or you may directly visit the place too see it for yourself. You may also visit their Facebook page: @wsiccreservations.



Since we weren’t able to do a prenup shoot, we had no guestbook from Vignette. So, I did a DIY Guestbook. I just bought a scrapbook from Hallmark and designed it. For tight budgets, DIY is the answer! Less expense, yet plus points for effort, and I think that’s beautiful *lol!*.

Simple guestbook with lovely messages from my guests. ❤


We weren’t able to take a photo of the actual invitation we made. But again, it’s DIY. My MIL and I did the wedding invitations. We kept it simple — printed on a scented cream paper, utilized sticker papers with our initial’s logo, and designed it with colorful ribbons. Also, we only gave invitations to the ones who are part of the entourage, and we only gave 1 (one) invitation per family so that we can cut the cost of materials and the fare in delivering the invitations. There’s social media to invite family and friends anyway. Communication’s faster! I created an event where I posted all the details of the wedding, and I also posted the invitation in JPEG format. Here’s the sample of what’s inside our invitation:

Keep it simple *wink!*.


I also went to Divisoria for the giveaways. There were a lot of wonderful designs to choose from! However, since the budget was tight, I had to find the cheapest giveaway for my guests.

Love doves and rings ❤

This is the only giveaway left with me *photo taken last night*. We weren’t able to take pictures of the giveaways before it was distributed to the guests. This came in may colors: yellow (as seen in the picture), pink, green, and violet *since my motif was rainbow*. This costed 12Php each. I only ordered 50 pieces since I know for sure that not all the invited guests will attend the wedding. TIP: Do not order a lot of giveaways, trust me. There were even three pieces of giveaways left after the wedding. Reminder: They have a minimum number of pieces (I think it’s 20 pieces). I was able to get my orders on the same day I ordered it! You just have to wait for several hours. At least, you wouldn’t have to come back for pick-up unless it’s a bulk order.


We were not supposed to have the ‘Dove’ tradition ceremony in our wedding because our pockets were nearly empty. Then, an angel came… my older brother’s girlfriend! Unexpectedly, she gave us a wedding gift in a form of cash. When I received the money the day before our wedding, I hurriedly went to Cartimar *that was so stressful*. It is the best place for pets. I was lucky to had met a helpful tricycle driver who did an effort to help me find a shop which sells cheap doves. I got the male and female doves for only 500Php, and the cage for only 200+Php *I forgot the exact price*.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My MIL designed the doves’ cage with crepe papers. See? DIY again. I forgot to mention that the flower girls’ headdresses were DIY too! My MIL has an amazing talent turning crepe papers into flowers and ribbons.



The bridal car we used was my Ninong Roy’s car. To cut down the expenses, we thought of borrowing a car. Since his wife, Tita Rachel, will be using the same car to attend my wedding, we thought of borrowing theirs.

It’s still up to you if you would like to rent a bridal car. I mean minus 4,oooPhp (a minimum rate for a bridal car rental) is a big help for couples who are on a tight budget.


I wanted a 2-layer fondant cake, but we couldn’t afford it. So, we settled on Red Ribbon Bakeshop.


This was their cheapest wedding cake. It costs less than 700Php. Yes, there were no cake slices for everyone. Also, there were no wines for each table because we really could not afford it. But you know what? I was surprised how this cake tasted… it was so good! For a simple cake like this, I never expected it to taste so fudgey! The flavor was thick chocolate. If there’s one thing I love about Red Ribbon Bakeshop — it never fails my taste buds. ❤


I am also blessed with talented colleagues! My HMUA (hair and make-up artists) were my colleagues and friends, Kevin Lucidos and Janice Villas. Kevin is really a great artist! As you can see, this is what he did to my face on my big day:

A very simple wedding make-up. ❤

As for my hair, they put hair extensions since I had a short hairstyle back then. It was a messy ponytail that looked great on me *at least for me, lol!*.

You really don’t need to spend much for a HMUA. If you have friends who are talented in terms of utilizing makeup products, why not hire them, or better yet, they may offer it for FREE just like my colleagues!

You may contact Kevin on Facebook for inquires: Kevyn Lucidos.

For the masters of ceremonies, I also asked my colleagues who were doing the same job in school; Sir Rovience Francisco, and again, Janice Villas.


I wanted them to lead the program because both of them have a great sense of humor. The audience did not get bored because they were laughing at Sir Rovience and Janice’s gags.

Thank you so much for my supportive colleagues and friends!



I swear!!! I was the wedding coordinator of my own wedding, and my gosh, it’s damn stressful! I am grateful, for my MIL was always beside me to assist with everything *super thank you, Mama*. If not, I would just cry over things!!!

Okay. Time to calm… hahahaha! But seriously, get someone to help you organize everything.

It was a burden being the wedding coordinator when you are the bride at the same time. Instead of having a good night sleep, I had sleepless nights which made me look stressed out and I felt so drained on my big day.

I really got so exhausted after the wedding. One thing also was that I hesitate to ask help from my friends. Well, technically, the friend that I can count on regarding these things, was in Singapore that time. Imagine? I had to be the one to process the papers; to shop at Divisoria; to pick-up my own dress and the cake; to shop for all the things needed for the wedding; to follow-up the flowers; to do the MCs’ script; to assign people tasks; to roam around Makati to find for a cheap reception venue and hotel; and aaaaaaaaall the things that a wedding coordinator should do — plus the fact that I’m on my second trimester. Goooooosh, crazy stress! I really can’t rely on my husband with these things *and I hate it actually*. Haha! Nonetheless, MY MIL AND I SURVIVED!!! I can really say that I am a one-woman; a person who does everything herself, and minimally asks for help. When, ever, can I learn to ask help from friends? Lol!

But with this experience of mine, I can see myself being a Freelance Wedding Coordinator — why not? My best friend actually gave me that idea. Since my dad’s on photography, maybe I could be on the ‘coordination’ side — or maybe, pursue my dream as a MUA. Who knows? 😉


I hope you have learned something from this blog post. For those soon-to-be-wed couples, best wishes and congratulations! Remember, make your wedding MEMORABLE! On top of it all, CHERISH your wedding. ❤ It’s a FOREVER commitment. 🙂

I would love to hear your wedding experiences, and your insights on this post. Comment down or message me on Facebook — Veeh Narvaez-Batario.

Till next time! Ciao!




Teaching isn’t just a job… it’s a NOBLE profession.

Yes, you’ve got that right… it takes passion and patience to teach children and teenagers from different families and places.

People just say, especially in the Philippines, that an easy way out of being unemployed is being a teacher, “MAG-TEACHER KA NA LANG (Just apply for a teaching job)”. I want to express something about this thought using my first language, Filipino:


(Think twice before you say that. What don’t you try becoming one so that you can experience perspiring in blood, sleep late everyday, and work overtime each day.)

Yes, it’s difficult to become a teacher. Everyday, you enter Jurassic Park to calm, to discipline, to teach, and to emboss values to these dinosaurs *lol!*. But you know what, we teachers, enjoy a lot of perks. It may not be monetary incentives, but these benefits we gain are for keeps… instilled in our hearts, FOREVER. ❤


  • We always receive a gift on our birthday. No one will ever forget our birthday even if you don’t tell them the exact date. Students have ways on how to find out the date of our existence in this world. They will execute plans just to surprise us. Believe it or not, I’ve had tear-jerking experiences because of birthday surprises. If we feel that no one remembers our birthday, the students never will forget.
Giant card with love letters inside from 8-B (with gifts and a cake not in the picture)
  •  We never run out of assistants. If we can’t ask a favor from your siblings, well, in school, random students love to volunteer just to help us in many ways like bring our things to the next class or to the faculty room, help us distribute papers in class, announce memos in front, get things from our table when you have forgotten them, etc. Well, even if they don’t volunteer, once we ask, they’ll never say no *just scratch their heads at times, lol!*.
  • We get to go to field trips for free and with allowance. Perks of an adviser! Though it’s tiring to look after our class *especially if you handle the naughty ones*, we get to go to places where we haven’t been before. No need to worry about our food because allowance is given, yeeeebah! But, the best part is we get to bond with our students.
  • We never end a single day without laughing at their silly moments. As a teacher, one of the hardest parts to control is laughing in front of the class *as in!*. I even experienced getting mad at my advisory class then suddenly laughed because of a student. Imagine? From ‘beastmode’ to laugh mode just in a jiffy! Students can cause a lot of stress but there will always be those days where in we just die because of laughter.
  • We get to join their activities, get to perform, and receive applause. Yes, all the activities. This perk is actually my favorite because I am an athlete and a performer. When it’s Intrams Week, I get to play volleyball with my students and of course, my colleagues as well. I also get to perform on stage which I really love *since it was my life as a student back then*.
  • We get to do anything we want during our break time. We have in-between breaks (unless you have 6-7 classes a day like what I experienced last year). Usually a teacher has 4-5 class a day. The rest of hours are breaks. Sounds great, isn’t it? Well, actually no. During those hours, we do our paper works such learning plans, course outlines, instructional materials, checking of paper, recording of scores, etc. However, if there’s a day of less tasks, we get to eat and sleep… SLEEP *big smile*. One hour of one class is actually draining already. What more if you have 5 or more? So power nap is the key to energy regain *wink!*.
  • We always have days with free food. Aside from the fact that there are activities in school which involve food, students really love giving food especially on their birthdays. They’ll just surprise us by knocking on the door of the faculty room and hand-in food *best days ever*.
  • We have different adventures each day. Teaching is more than standing in front a class and talking for hours. An adventure awaits everyday. It’ll just surprise us how it will bring joy and at the same time, how it will annoy us *lol!*.
  • Gifts and love letters are always present during Valentines, Christmas, Teacher’s Day, Community Day, etc. We never run out of chocolates, lol! During Christmas season, I get to bring home 2 or more black bags full of gifts from students. But you know what? It’s not really the material things that count. The mere fact that they thought of me; that they thought of making me smile; that is priceless. Students can be as sweet as boyfriends… even sweeter. ❤
  • We get to wear different outfits for different occasions. Since I love dressing up, I also love the fact the teachers get to wear different outfits for different activities like acquaintance party, Buwan ng Wika celebration, JH prom, etc. Well, at least for me, its a perk *wink!*. It’s always a dilemma for us when the dress code of the events are already announced. We even ask each other updates like “Uy, ano, nakabili ka na? Anong kulay? Saan ka nakabili? Patingin!”. 🙂
  • We’ll be ready to become a parent one day because we’ve mastered child and teen psychology. No kidding. Since we encounter different personalities everyday, we actually have an idea how to teach and control our future children. As for me, I apply what I do to discipline my students to my daughter (baby style). We know the ups and downs of giving punishments and we also know when to give a reward.
  • We have a companion when we’re sad or even when we’re happy. Students will always ask, “Ms., okay ka lang po ba? Bakit po? Ano po ang nangyari?”. I’ve experienced having my whole class comfort me when my daughter was sent to the hospital. I actually cried in front of the class because of it. I know crying in class should not be done but I really just needed comfort and they were there for me.
  • We get to learn from their experiences in life. It’s not only students who learn from us. We also learn from them especially if we hear their stories in life. I, personally, get to realize why some of the students are attention-seekers. It’s sad actually. Most of them come from broken families; if not, their parents have no time for them *not all, but most*.
  • There will always be someone who appreciates our efforts. We sometimes feel that students just take advantage all of our efforts for them. Without noticing, they appreciate those. Some of my students would randomly message me just to say THANK YOU for all the efforts I’ve done for them. There was a time that a student thank me for being scary and strict because if it were not for my strictness, she will not learn English better. This just give my heart full of love for teaching.
  • Our hearts are always filled with lots of fulfillment. Definitely! Especially when you see them do efforts just for the class to win or get a reward. For me, winning isn’t my goal in school activities; my goal is to see them work together as a team… as a family. Winning is just a bonus. 🙂
BLUE TEAM 1st Runner Up | DLSUD Intrams 2015
  • Some may hate us, but there will always be students who will wholeheartedly love us. You can hear hatred and even curses from students. Yes, it hurts; however, there will always be students who love us for who we are whether we’re strict, chill, cool, or terror. This is what I love about them. They will never forget that we became their teachers; that we became their advisers; that we became their mentors.

This is what I love about teaching that money can never pay… STUDENTS’ LOVE FOR US AS THEIR TEACHER.

Teaching is a difficult profession but a worthy one. For those teachers out there, what else are our perks? You may share them by commenting below. Let’s love our job… or should I say, LOVE OUR NOBLE PROFESSION. 🙂



Nagmahal. Nasaktan. Nag-move on.

O, hindi muna ako magflu-fluent English sa blog post na ito, ha? Mas ramdam ko kasi pagusapan ang ganitong topic kapag sa komportableng wika ko inihanay. 🙂 And, LAHAT ITO OPINYON KO, ha? Kung nega ka, huwag mong basahin.

Nagmahal ka na ba? Nasaktan ka na ba? Anong ginawa mo para magmove-on?

Ikaw ba ay…

  • Nagmahal. Nasaktan. Nagpaikli ng buhok.
  • Nagmahal. Nasaktan. Nagpakalasing.
  • Nagmahal. Nasaktan. Nagpaka-busy.
  • Nagmahal. Nasaktan. Nagpakapagod sa sayaw.
  • Nagmahal. Nasaktan. Nagpakaseryoso sa volleyball training.
  • Nagmahal. Nasaktan. Nagpaganda.
  • Nagmahal. Nasaktan. Humugot sa klase.
  • Nagmahal. Nasaktan. Nagpakulay ng buhok.
  • Nagmahal. Nasaktan. Nagpakasaya kasama ang kaibigan.
  • Nagmahal. Nasaktan. Nagmahal ng iba.
  • Nagmahal. Nasaktan. Nagpakasal.

Alin diyan? O baka naman, wala pa diyan? Para makapagmove-on, marami tayong ginagawa to feel better, diba? Ako, personally, ang huling ginawa ko ay nagpagupit ako ng buhok. Ang buhok ko na halos nasa may baywang ko na, pinagupitan ko ng bob cut na naka-shave yung likod. First time kong ginawa ‘yon! Inabala ko pa ang best friend ko na antayin ako, e sobrang gabi na ‘yon. But you know what, I felt more confident and light. Para bang pinagupitan ko narin lahat ng pain na naramdaman ko.

Pero isa lang ang na-realize ko: HINDI PAGMOMOVE-ON ANG PAGPAPAGUPIT. Haha! Dami ko paring iniyak after kong magpagupit. Doon ko rin napagtanto na love is really unplanned; you just don’t know when TRUE LOVE will come to you.


Kapag nagmahal ang karamihan sa atin, ibinibigay natin ang lahat — ultimo ang sarili nating kaligayahan, isasakripisyo natin basta mapasaya at maiparamdam lang natin sa taong mahal natin na we love them to the moon and back. Ngunit, paano kung WALA LANG PALA ITO SA KANILA? Aray! Ang sakit! Nabaliwala ka na, nasaktan ka pa ng sobra-sobra!

Hindi ako naging perpektong girlfriend. Sino ba ang taong perpekto? Nagkamali ako, nakapanakit, at nagpatalo rin ako sa mga temptations. Kung tutuusin, mahirap ako pakisamahan dahil SEVERE ang mga emotions ko — kapag galit ako, sobrang galit; kapag may topak ako, sobrang topak. At ang mahirap pa doon, kailangan rin danasin ng mga naging boyfriend ko ang mga problema ko sa buhay *susmiyo! isa akong taong blessed sa problema*. Pero, masasabi ko na ibinigay ko lahat ng pagmamahal sa mga naging boyfriend ko.


Marami akong ginawa para magmove-on. Actually, lahat ng binanggit ko sa taas, iyon ang ilan sa mga ginawa ko… ILAN LAMANG ‘YON! Ang latest doon ay yung NAGPAKASAL AKO *mahabang kwento ngunit happy ending*. Sa dami ng relationships na pinagdaanan ko, iba-iba ang dahilan kung bakit ako nasaktan. Nariyan ‘yong THIRD PARTY, nagsawa sa akin, TINAKE ADVANTAGE ako, at yung isa sa mga pinakamasasakit ay ‘yong akala niya HINDI AKO MAPAPAGOD NA BASTA NA LANG BALIWALAIN NIYA AKO. Pero, paano ko ba nalagpasan lahat ng sakit dulot ng LOVE? Marami akong sinubukan. Marami akong ginawa para makalimot. Ito ay ang mga paraan na pwede mo ‘ring gawin (base ito sa aking ginawa at pinagdaanan):


  1. DAPAT MAY CLOSURE KAYO. Oo, mas madali talagang mag move-on kapag may closure kayo. Ito ay dahil malinaw sa inyong dalawa bakit hindi kayo nagkaroon ng FOREVER. Hindi ka magtatanong sa sarili mo gabi-gabi na ‘BAKIT HINDI NAG-WORK OUT ANG RELATIONSHIP NAMIN?’. Pero kung talagang wala siyang balak magbigay ng closure sayo, skip to number 2.
  2. PATAYIN. Patayin mo siya! Joke! Haha! Hindi, patayin mo na ang communication ninyong dalawa. Aba, nag-break kayo tapos maguusap kayo? Hindi ka makakapag move-on niyan, bes! Kung kailangan na i-block mo siya sa FB, go! It’s not a sign of immaturity; it’s one way to stop your communication with him/her. Kung memorize mo naman ang number niya, kalimutan mo na. Burahin mo siya sa phonebook mo. Madaling makalimot ng numbers. Instead, i-text mo na lang ang mga friends mo or di kaya ang family members mo na tunay na nagmamahal sayo. Malay mo, makatulong pa sila sa pagmomove-on mo.
  3. MAGING BUSY. Totoo ito. Kapag kasi hindi ka busy, ‘yong tipong tambay tambay ka lang, ang dami mong idle time para isipin siya. Lalo mo pang pagbutihin ang career mo! Mag-sports ka! Kung may pera ka naman, mag-travel ka kasama ang pamilya at mga kaibigan mo! Ang daming pwedeng gawin sa buhay natin para maging busy.
  4. STOP ENTERTAINING HIM/HER. Kung bigla naman siyang bumalik at sinabing SORRY, ay bes, huwag na lang. Kung once pa lang niya ginagawa ang isang kasalanan, edi sige, pagbigyan mo. Pero kung napapansin mo ng paulit-ulit na niyang ginagawa, tama na. Hindi ko sinasabi na huwag magbigay ng chance. Tama lang na magbigay tayo ng chance. Pero kung unli chance, bes, HUWAG TANGA! Based on my experience kasi madalas niya akong sinuyo noon kapag alam niyang mawawala na ako sa kanya; either ayoko na or may gustong umangkin sakin. Kaya ayon, ilang beses rin akong nasaktan sa pare-parehong rason.
  5. MAGMAHAL NG IBA. Marami siguro ang hindi sasangayon sakin dito pero alam niyo, ito ang nagbigay sakin ng happily ever after. Ingat nga lang. Kung magmamahal na kayo ng iba, make sure handa na ang puso niyo at, handa rin siyang mahalin ka ng tunay. Baka mamaya kasi rebound girl or boy niyo lang ang susunod niyong karelasyon. Huwag ganun. Basta kung sa tingin niyong deserving yung tao, go! Walang 3-month, 3-month rule! E kung umayos lang yung ex niyo edi sana kayo parin, diba? *opinyon ko lang ito ha, baka may mag-react diyan, lol!*
  6. ACCEPT THE FACT NA WALA NA KAYO. Kung ayaw na niya at kung sakaling may gusto na siyang iba, tanggapin mo na lang. Sige, okay lang na iiyak mo yan kahit ng isang buwan o mahigit, pero after that, stop; think; and, accept. Hindi madaling gawin ito lalo na kung third party ang dahilan, pero acceptance will set your heart free.
  7. TRY A NEW HOBBY. Sabi ko kanina, maging busy, pero dapat may masaya ka rin sa ginagawa mo. Subukan mo yung mga bagay na hindi mo talaga ginagawa noon. Halimbawa, ikaw ay taong puro trabaho lang. Try mo naman mag-laro ng badminton kasama best friend mo. O di kaya naman ay mag-try ka ng mga kakaibang recipes kung marunong kang magluto. Maraming mga hobbies na pwedeng gawin ngayon lalo na ngayon na marami ng pasyalan ang may mga activities para sa iba’t-ibang hobbies ng tao.
  8. BUILD UP YOUR CONFIDENCE. Oo, nagpaikli ako ng buhok dati at ang sabi ko kanina, hindi parin ako nakapag move-on. Subalit, kung ibui-build up mo ang confidence mo, mas magiging productive ka at higit sa lahat, mas rerespetuhin mo ang sarili mo. Nasasayo iyan kung paano mo gagawin. Pwedeng magpaganda ka o mag-ayos ka. Tignan mo, pagpasok mo sa trabaho, mas ma-appreciate ka ng tao kasi blooming ka. So ikaw, mabo-boost yung confidence mo. Hindi ka dapat magmukhang losyang dahil lang iniwan ka o nasaktan ka. Pwedeng mag-work out ka to tone your body. Maraming ways para ma-boost mo ang confidence mo. Kapag tuluy-tuloy mong ginawa ‘yan, makakalimot ka. Mas mafo-focus mo ang sarili mo na mahalin ang SARILI MO.
  9. IWASAN MO MAGING ALONE KA. Huwag kang madalas na mag-isa lalo na kung kaka-break niyo palang. Lalo ka kasi magbr-break down. Surround yourself with great and positive people. Iwasan mo yung mga taong lalo kang paiiyakin dahil pagsasabihan ka tungkol sa nangyari sa relationship niyo. Mas maganda, kung open ka sa family mo. Be with them. Ayain mo silang lumabas or mag-outing kayo. Sila kasi magpaparamdam sayo na maraming nagmamahal sayo at katanggap-tanggap ka para mahalin. Spend your time with your real friends, too! Take note ha, REAL FRIENDS. Ingat ka rin sa mga pagsasabihan mo at sasamahan mo. Yung iba diyan, advice advice kunwari pero sinasaksak ka na patalikod. Basta, be with positive and real people who love and accept you.
  10. LOVE YOURSELF. Aside from your family and friends, walang ibang magmamahal sayo kundi IKAW. Huwag mong saktan ang sarili mo pagkatapos ng break up. Parang TANGA yung mga naglalaslas at nagseself-harm dahil lang heartbroken sila. Walang idudulot na maganda ‘yon! Instead, mas mahalin mo pa ang sarili mo dahil ‘yon ang kailangan mo. I-reward mo ang sarili mo ng paborito mong pagkain. Bilhan mo ang sarili mo ng damit na gusto mo. Basta, maraming ways para mahalin ang sarili mo. Nasaktan ka na nga tapos sasaktan mo pa sarili mo, NON-SENSE ‘yon.

Iilan lang yan tips na iyan para makapag move-on. Ikaw? May tips ka ba na wala sa nabanggit ko? Share mo naman! Comment mo or message mo ako sa Facebook para mai-share ko rin sa iba. I’ll feature you, pa! If you have moving-on stories, share them and I may feature you in my blog. Your tips and stories can help people who are struggling sa pag move-on.


Break-ups and heartaches are meant to happen. They will teach you lessons and they will make you stronger.

Just wait. Someone will love you, forever. At 23, this is what I learned. 🙂








Aside from ‘kilay’, LIPSTICK IS ALSO LIFE!

Who could not agree with me, girls? You’ve got to admit…


Some of us, girls, don’t put BB creams, foundations, eyeliners, or whatsoever make-up on our face for as long as there’s lipstick present on our face. We could simply walk out of our homes with just lipstick on! That’s the amazing power of lipstick *kiss kiss*!

My lipstick collection…

A photo that sums it all!

I started to collect lipstick when I met my colleagues at De La Salle University – Dasmarinas. They have taught me how to become addicted to it! *lol!* Since I just started collecting lipstick last year, I only have a few as of now, and some of them are already wiped out *just like my super favorite Maybelline Lip Gradation RED2 lipstick; which I’ll be purchasing again when money shows up, lol!*. In my collection, I only have 16 shades. Most of them are nude because I super love nude shades! And, you would notice, I do love Maybelline! *well, it’s usually on sale, and even if it’s cheaper than other brands, their products are superb!!!*

I will be presenting my collection by shade: NUDES, REDS, PINKS, MAGENTAS, AND ORANGES.


This is Maybelline’s Colorsensational Red Revival (645). This is a gift from one of my students *perks of being a teacher!* They also know that I’m addicted to lipstick since I wear different shades each day! What I love about this lipstick is that it is so rich even if it’s not matte-finished. I also love its vanilla-like scent! This one will give your lips a deep red kiss!

This one is given by my lovely ninang, Ninang Leng. This is H&M’s Lipstick and Lip Gloss Duo. This isn’t matte too but its bright red color is love! I usually don’t use its lip gloss but it’s also worth the swipe! 🙂

Another red shade but this one’s darker. This is Fashion 21’s Color Mood Bad Apple gloss lipstick. For some of those who tried this, it won’t fully color their lips, however in my case, it does color on my lips. It’s just that it’s not too dark as it seems when you personally look at it. Nonetheless, this shade is great when you are wearing monochrome white or gray outfits.

This is one of my favorites; Etude House’s Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk RD313. This red shade is orangy-red like. I actually use this like Maybelline’s Lip Gradation lipstick because this is matte. Papa D got this for me when he went to Singapore.


Let’s go with the nudes. We have here Maybelline’s ColorShow Mysterious Mocha. This nude shade is a little but darker than my other nude-shaded lipsticks. Colorshow is Maybelline’s cheapest lipstick but it’s a great product. It’s only 165 pesos each! Yay! *and they usually put it on sale worth a hundred and fifty!*

This one is pinkish nude from 4U2 Lipaholic Lax 12. This is semi matte but it’s nice to swipe. Got this one from SM Dasmarinas and it was on sale. This color is perfect for pink and peachy outfits.

Another gift from Papa D; Etude House’s Dear My Wish BE101.This is not matte-finished however, it stays hours on my lips. Also one of my favorites!

This, I can say, is Ever Bilena’s best lipstick ever! It’s their EB Matte Mauvey. I actually love its Dusk shade. I just haven’t got any yet *since I usually borrowed from my colleagues lol!* This one is best for smokey eyes make-up since your lips would look like barely nude.

Another favorite of mine! EB’s Matte Lipstick Toast of New York! If you’re looking for a brownish shade, then, this one’s perfect! I love wearing this with my uniform before because it actually blends well with any outfit! Perfect for smokey eyes too!


Of course, would pink shades be absent? Of course not! Here are my favorite pink lipsticks! 🙂

Let’s start of with coral pink; Maybelline’s Colorshow Rock the Coral lipstick! I love how this shade makes my look very ‘Korean’ especially when I braid my hair. This just look so light on my face. I love this when I put wings on my eye! *if you know what I mean, lol!*

A loud pink shade which I <3! Maybelline’s Colorshow Flaming FuchsiaThis one stays on my lips for a day *seriously!*  Even if I wash my face and brush my teeth, this one stays on my lips *haha!* This shade is perfect if you don’t want make-up on your eyes and face. You’ll never look pale in this!

This one is Maybelline’s Bold Matte MAT2 ! Another gift from a student of mine. This shade is ‘neonish’ pink. Also perfect for eyes with winged eyeliner because it’ll give you a fresh Korean look! *wink wink!*


You can never go wrong with violet or magenta! Presenting…

Maybelline’s Colorshow Madly Magenta! This is a perfect plumlike shade. If you want a mix of pink and purple, then, this one’s the lipstick for you!

Violet lover? Oh yes! This is the perfect shade for you! Maybelline’s Creamy Matte Vibrant Violet! I super love this unique shade! This one is perfect for an all-black outfit! Don’t you just love that villainy look?



The only orange shade I have…

Crazy? Haha! Yes, I use orange as my lipstick, but rarely. It’s Maybelline’s Colorshow Shocking Orange! *shocking, ain’t it?* I just feel like I have whiter skin if I use this, lol! This one is nice if you are wearing pastel-colored outfits.

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT… Veeh’s Lipstick Collection! Not much, but these are treasure for me.

Photo grabbed from Google.

True enough! We may have a bad day, but we just swipe it up, and we’re good to go!

There’s always a shade for everything! Broken-hearted? Stressed? Angry? Frustrated? Happy? Excited? In love? NAME IT! There’s always a shade for a woman’s mood!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post! More features soon! Till next time! CIAO!





What made me decide to become a FULL-TIME MOM as of the moment?

“Sayang yung career mo!”

“Hindi mo dapat ginive up yung trabaho mo!”

“Edi nasa bahay ka lang niyan?”

“Umaasa ka lang sa pera ng asawa mo.”

These are some of the most hurtful yet stupid lines I heard from people when they knew I chose to become a housewife as of the moment.

I am a very hardworking woman. Actually, my life when I was still single was career-centered. It is also the fact that I love my profession, TEACHING. However, everything changed when I started to have my daughter in my life.

After giving birth to Viannah, I wanted my CS wound to heal as fast as it could because I was thirsty to go back to teaching. I admit, I felt worthless when I stopped working. The reason behind that was I want earning my OWN money. I have this PRIDE since I am the eldest *legally* in the family. I grew up being the head of my family… a BREADWINNER. Going back, I got what I wanted; I got hired in a prestigious school in Cavite *or is it premier? Lol*. I really did miss teaching. At the first month, I exerted my best, as I always do, to pursue my job. Then, it changed. Since the one taking care of my baby is also busy with a lot of things, I felt extremely worried for Viannah’s health and safety. Since then, my feet would always want to go home as soon as I could just to make sure Viannah is okay *you know, mommy feels*. That school year (2015-2016), my husband’s and Viannah’s health were always not in good shape. We were always at the EMERGENCY ROOM of MCI and even travelled to OSMAK so that we could save thousands of pesos *we are Yellow Card holders*. My health was not okay that school year too compared to the past years I was teaching. Monthly, I would have severe sore throat that almost lead to an operation of my tonsils.

Also, there were times that I didn’t like what I was seeing and what was happening to my daughter. It alarmed me so much.

When the school year was nearly ending, I decided to take care of Viannah, FULL TIME. It pains me, yes, because I do not like to leave work, but I need to do it for the sake of my daughter. When you already have a child, you would always think what’s best for your daughter FIRST before thinking of yourself. Also, it made me decide to become a full-time mom easily because of the fact that MY MOM DID NOT DO IT FOR ME.

I grew up with no mother not because she’s physically dead but because she did not do her responsibility as a mother to me. She would always think about herself first. And, I DO NOT WANT TO BECOME A MOTHER MY MOTHER HAS BECOME. I thought of the best days I have with my daughter and used those memories to motivate me to stay at home and take care of my daughter and my husband.

They will grow up so fast, you wouldn’t notice it.

This is what experienced mothers would always tell me. Children grow up so fast not even noticing that one day, they will learn to leave the house on their own and they will have their own lives.

Yes, Viannah is growing up rapidly. She’s 1 year and 5 months old already. It’s just like I gave birth yesterday. I can see a lot of changes in her body, actions, and personality. Soon, she’ll be a pre-schooler already. I can imagine myself preparing her baon and she leaving the house to got to school. I wouldn’t be with her for almost half the day of more since I’ll be going back to work by then *sniff*.

“Madali lang naman maging housewife kasi nasa bahay ka lang naman.”


Being a full-time mom is as exhausting as working… even more exhausting! We, moms, work 24/7 without any day-off! If you think it’s easy, why not try it yourself? That’s why I am calling all HUSBANDS out there; DO NOT MAKE YOUR WIVES FEEL AS IF THEY ARE WORTHLESS!!! We, housewives, are doing everything for the family, too! We need your support too! And yes, we need a PAMPER DAY. Just treat your wives a mani-pedi or hotoil  treatment at the salon or shop for her and it’ll be greatly appreciated! 🙂

In my case, I can say it’s a challenge. Since we decided to go back to Makati, slowly, we are transferring but could not leave Cavite yet because of a situation. As what I’ve mentioned earlier, I like earning my own money so I looked for a sideline, TUTORING. However, I found a tutee in Makati which is one of the reasons why my daughter and I stay there on weekdays. Aside from that, we stay in Makati because OSMAK (Ospital ng Makati) is nearer; this is a government hospital where we get free service *you know, in case of emergency*.

Anyway, what makes it hard? That fact that I am always on my own. On weekdays (M-TH), we stay in Makati. And every Thursday evening, Viannah and I travel to Cavite to see my husband, and every Monday morning, we travel back to Makati. I bring a heavy backpack, two more bags on both my shoulders, Viannah wrapped in my arms and if it’s raining, I need to carry Viannah with one arm because my other hand will be used to hold the umbrella.

To add, buses going to Cavite takes half an hour or more to pass through Buendia or Emilio Aguinaldo Highway. So, I have to carry everything on my own for that long. It’s like I am to hike a mountain for weeks with the heavy load I am carrying. It is also difficult for me to ride on a bus and walk through the very narrow aisle of the bus *you know the buses here in the Philippines*.  That’s why I always thank those bus conductors who assist me. I cannot NOT come home to Cavite because it breaks my heart when Viannah would cry DADDY when she misses him. People ask me why are we the ones going to Cavite and not my husband. The answers are: 1. there are times that my husband needs to report on a Saturday; 2. no one will do his laundry there except HIM; 3. it’s the only day that he’s able to rest *I mean compared to me, he doesn’t get enough sleep*. But there are times that he’s the one going to Makati especially when he’s free from too much work.

What do full-time moms really do at home?

I have to admit, I barely do sweeping, mopping, wiping the furnitures… in short, I barely do the cleaning. So what do I do at home? Well, first thing in the morning, after I fix the bed, I prepare Viannah’s breakfast. I’m lucky if there’s bread. I just put stuffing and TADAH! Instant breakfast. But it’s not the preparation that’s hard, it’s the eating process. With Viannah running, touching everything, etc., 1 bread takes 15 minutes to finish. Lol! After that, I wash her feeding bottles and sterilize it. Then, I do a little bit of sweeping and mopping *not everyday though*. Then, I prepare ingredients for the viand I cook. After so, I’ll cook the rice. Going back to the bottles, after sterilizing it, I’ll put water on each bottle and refill the milk container. Did I mention? I fix the bed a zillion times because Viannah loves destroying its order *face palm*.

Lately, during meal time, I make Viannah eat first so that I have my full attention to her. She’s super duper likot (naughty) already!!! Lol! After so, that’s the time I eat my lunch. Then, I wash the dishes.

After so, I give her a  bath *good thing she loves taking a bath so it isn’t hard for me to make her go inside the bathroom*. However, the struggle is after her bath; putting on her diapers and clothes. She runs away from me and she lays down on the bed and doesn’t want to stand up to wear her pull-up diaper and clothes. So, I have to pull her up from the bed until she finally stands up and wear her diapers *wew! trust me, it’ll make you sweat*.

After her bath, I make Viannah sleep *her siesta time*. And, believe me, IT’S NOT EASY!!! We will need to get through tantrums, tears, and all those BABY DRAMA! Nevertheless, there are times that she sleeps on her own, but most of the time, she would want to sleep with me patting her thighs or lightly scratching her head *you know, babies… but, I love doing that to her! :)*

In all fairness, I am able to nap when she naps, too! This is one of the perks I have; I can sleep twice a day but it depends on the task I have at home. If I’m not taking a nap, I I take a rest by watching TV, browsing and posting on social media, or here, blogging.

Viannah usually sleeps for an hour or two. When she wakes up, I give her meryenda (afternoon snacks). Then, I, again, prepare for dinner; chop the ingredients, cook the viand and rice, and set the table so that when my husband comes home, everything’s prepared already.

After dinner, I wash the dishes *sometimes bulky ones because of the kalderos and other cooking materials I used*.

But, it doesn’t stop there; I still wake up during dawn to give Viannah milk and change her diaper *she cries aloud at dawn*.


My point is people should STOP discriminating housemoms! It’s simply like this, become one and you’ll know what I mean; what we full-time moms mean.


The perk is not all about money; IT’S ALL ABOUT TIME. I have been spending time with my daughter and that’s the most important thing in the world for a mother to do when their child is still a baby. I tell you, IBA TALAGA KAPAG ANG NANAY ANG NAG-ALAGA. She barely gets sick and she got even more healthy. Yes, I admit that I get mad at her when she gets into my nerve, however, it’s really part of parenting.

I get to see EVERY MILESTONE of her baby and toddler life! I was there when she first talked, crawled, stood, walked, and all her firsts!

And, the MOST important thing, I am making her feel that she has a mother beside her. I never felt that with my mom. All I felt was that my mom is an enemy because of how she acts whenever she was with us. I can’t even remember the days she took care of me. All I can remember was that it was really my dad who did all the mommy duties that my mom was supposed to do. Even up to the point that I got pregnant, she wasn’t there for me until I gave birth. It was my mother-in-law who guided me all the way to the day I gave birth; even up to now. If you guys can text your mom and ask, “Ma, paano ba gagawin ko sa nanak ko? Nilalagnat”, “Ma, natataranta na ako.” and all those never-ending questions, you’re lucky. I haven’t got a mom to ask. Well, on the positive side, I have two dads and a mother-in-law who are ever supportive *I LOVE YOU PO!!!* This is why I am trying my best to become a MOTHER to Viannah. I am not perfect; not even close to being a perfect mom. But, the only thing I can permanently say is that I WILL NEVER LEAVE MY DAUGHTER. I am and will always be present during her happy days… especially the days she’s and she’ll be blue; that’s when she needs me the most.


As what I have mentioned above, THEY GROW UP FAST. Play with your child. Make her feel her childhood. Enjoy the days she hugs and kisses you. Cuddle her. Sleep beside her. MAKE TIME FOR HER. Make her childhood memorable with you. 🙂


YES!!! Definitely worth it.

I can still pursue my career when she starts studying already. I can still pursue my dreams. I’m just 23. I can still reach my goals in life. But, if ever I lost the opportunity to become a full-time mom to her? I can never bring back those times. I don’t want, in the future, to hear from Viannah that I never had have time for her nor would I like to hear from her that I never became a mother to her.

Well, so much for this topic. For all full-time mommies out there, stand and be proud!

Hindi lang tayo HOUSEWIFE LANG. 

We are also doing a job… a noble job! So, stand up and be proud!

I would also like to SALUTE all single moms out there! I’m lucky because I have a husband to support us which is why I am able to become a full-time mom. But for those single mom who works and at the same time, take care of you child, wow, BE MORE PROUD!!! You’re a HERO!

I am not a single mom, but I understand your situation because I have close friends who are. I witness their struggle. The more that you are to be proud!!! Show people that being a single mom would not stop you from being the best moms to your children. BE STRONG! I super duper salute you!!! 🙂

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CIAO for now! *kisses!*





Fresh face from fresh MAKEUP

Gosh! I did miss blogging! Because of all the busy mommy duties, I haven’t got time to blog these days but, here, I’m back! This time, I will talk talk about one of my obsessions… MAKEUP!!!

Most of us love makeup. Some are even willing to spend thousands of Pesos just to get the best brands of makeup. But, admit it, putting makeup everyday can bring stress to our skin especially with the heat and pollution here in the Philippines.

We don’t need to wear heavy makeup everyday.

If you want to feel natural and feel fresh, why not try a makeup that looks like #nomakeup?

This is my face without makeup. At home, it’s okay to look like this but it’s a no-no if you’ll go to work especially if your job is to face people; just like my line of work, teaching. I need to look presentable.

Liquid foundation is too thick for me. My face also sweats easily and it sweats a loooot. Therefore, I go for BB cream. Since I am a full-time mom right now, my priority is to spend money for my baby and less for myself… less for makeup. I needed to find a cheap brand but safe to use. I discovered Careline’s BB Cream Whitening (shade: NUDE).

Just put a thin drop on each part of the face (on the forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, lower nose) and blend it. Don’t forget to apply on your neck.


I only apply BB cream thinly, but my skin becomes less oily and some of the dark spots were concealed.

The next thing you must do is to lighten those eye bags with a concealer. I also use Careline to lessen the dark shade under my eyes.

Once you put the concealer, it’ll lighten your eye bags. However, apply thinly so that it will look natural.

After the BB cream and concealer, finish up with a face/pressed powder.


Use a powder brush so that you can control the amount of powder you’re applying. Careline’s HONEY-shade pressed powder will make your face too white if you put it thickly. Again, apply a thin amount only. Maybelline’s pressed powder is a good brand, too! It’s just that I consumed mine already and could not afford to purchase it again so, I tried Careline (you know, budget probs *lol!*).

Next, do your eyebrows. I use Fashion 21 brow liner. Just a tip: only fill in the parts where there are less hair so that it would just look natural, and not too thick.


A black eyebrow pencil will make your brows look unnatural… it’ll look FAKE! It’s just like you placed on an eyebrow sticker on your face. Also, after applying the eyebrow product, use an eyebrow brush (sorry, I don’t know the ‘makeup term’ for that) to blend it.

After your eyebrows, touch up those eyelids with… EYE SHADOW! For you to avoid scattered eye shadow, use an adhesive tape and put it on each side of your eyes.


 This will help you apply the eye shadow and eyeliner easily.


I use ETUDE (which was given to me), but any eye shadow brand will do. Just use the natural colors for an every day look.


After applying the eye shadow, it’s EYELINER time! Nichido’s Pen Liner for me is the best so far. Just apply it near the roots of your eyelashes.

This liquid liner is a little bit costly but worth it. It is easy to apply and it lasts for hours. It does not smudge easily. The liner’s pen tip is thin which will make it easy for you to do different strokes.

Afterwards, your curl those lashes and emphasize them with a mascara! I use Maybelline’s Hypercurl Mascara – cheap yet it’s a great product. For me, mascara is actually Maybelline’s expertise.

 This will give your lashes a full, and it will give your lashes more volume.

I think this mascara is SALE this August. You can get this for only Php 150!

Before the lips, put some blush on your cheeks. I use Etude’s Grapefruit Jelly Brush #6.

The color is kind of ‘orangey’. It’s perfect for a natural look. Again, apply a thin amount only.

Lastly, the lips – apply a nude-shade lipstick.

After that, TADAAAAAH! You’re ready to go! 


A very LIGHT and NATURAL look with #NOFILTER! Your face wouldn’t be so stressed because you only applied less! Of course, style up your hair to add to your natural-looking make-up! 🙂 *see cover photo and the photo below*.


Stay Fab with LESS!

Thank you for reading this blog post! Remember:

Women who wear makeup doesn’t mean they’re not naturally beautiful. It’s just a matter of making ourselves feel MORE beautiful. Make-up or no make-up, BE CONFIDENT!

More makeup sesh sooooon! Tune in for more! You can add my official Facebook account | VEEH NARVAEZ-BATARIO | or follow me on Twitter and Instagram | @veehgil022



***Some of the products here are given by friends and family so I really spent less. But, for affordable makeup brands, go for CARELINE, MAYBELLINE, FASHION21, and matte lipstick of EVER BILENA (which is not featured here).

*Disclaimer: I am not a professional makeup artist. I only used my own techniques in applying the products.