This photo shoot is a dream come true for me. It may not be a ‘big time’ photo shoot but it was an ambition come true because of the theme. Sir Theody Lorilla, the photographer behind the amazing shots, wanted a simple ‘wet look’ as the primary theme of the pictorial. However, I motivated myself to make this photo shoot look ‘more than that’.

As I posed in front of the camera, I used the struggles I experienced in life as a motivation to show such ’emotions’ as seen on the pictures below. Having a great photographer and being true to my feelings, each photo reflected the dark eras of my life. For those people who know my TRUE story, they would recognize what I mean by ‘dark eras’.

In such AGONY…
TORN by darkness…

However, with all these torments, came a STRONG WOMAN who survived all the unnatural thorns a young lady could experience.

I may not have underwent the most profound experience same as other people, but I could say that I went through ‘deep’ obstacles in life at a young age. These photos expressed how strong I have become as a woman:

I can now DEFEND myself; I can now DEFEND my loved ones.

Whoever and whatever I am right now is because of all the obstacles I had experienced in life. Pain – Agony – Torment… Whatever ‘darkness’ that will arrive in our lives will definitely change who we are in the past. It would just depend on what path we’ll be taking: a path towards the better you or the path that would destroy the real you?

Thank you, Sir Theody for this opportunity. 🙂

To contact Sir Theody for inquiries, you may communicate him via Facebook.

Photographer: Theody Lorilla

HMUA: Myself

Location: Quezon City (Photographer’s restaurant)


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