Two years ago, I gave birth to my baby girl. I had to sacrifice the things I love to do – that included modeling. The last photo shoot I did was in the year 2014. One day, I asked myself, “Kaya ko pa bang mag-pose sa harap ng camera?” I weighed double after a year I gave birth. There were a lot of opportunities to attend photo shoots but I always neglected the offers because I had doubts about myself – my confidence level deteriorated. I would always imagine myself looking so wide in my photos.

Out of nowhere, I browsed the Facebook page of the photography group I belong to – CONCEPT PHOTOGRAPHY UNLIMITED. A photographer, Sir Miller Daniolco, posted a photo announcing about an open photo shoot – meaning, anyone can join. I reflected – “Pupuntahan ko ba ito?” I needed a feel of confirmation. Therefore, I confided this to my husband. When I asked him about whether I should go or not, he said yes – that I must attend. He is really supportive with what hobbies I do in life.  So, I felt motivated an grabbed the opportunity.

November 26, 2017 was the date of the photo shoot. The theme for that pictorial was ‘BRIDAL’ and ‘HIGH FASHION’. It’s a good thing I also have a very supportive mother-in-law. She was the one who sponsored the gowns, dresses, and accessories I used  for that day. I prepared a lot of outfits even if I know that an outdoor shoot would only be able to feature two sets of outfit. I chose a blue gown for the bridal theme and a black cocktail dress for the high fashion theme.

With great photographers, this were the results of the pictorial:


The best shot for me!



It’s just so amazing seeing BTS photos. Everything looks normal in the BTS but when the photos were uploaded, that normal-looking state turned into astonishing shots!

I thought, I could never continue my aspiration to become a model. After this photo shoot, I wanted to prove something: that I do not need to have a perfect body to continue this passion of mine; all I need is determination and confidence! Likewise, I got more enticed in proving other people that a woman DOES NOT ALWAYS have to show too much ‘SKIN’ and ‘privates’ just to become a model; especially, with my profession as a teacher, I need to keep my dignity – that I could be a model while keeping my dignity as a teacher.

Kudos to these photographers for the wonderful outcome of the photo shoot:

Alexander Josef
Banjo Paderna
Benedict Portillano
Jelo Rañola
Jim Navarrete Nerpio
Joel Panlilio Maniquis
Kevin Montemayor
Mario Pasamonte
Michael Emocling
Michael P. Mejellano
Raffy De Guzman
Theody Lorilla
Lester De Guzman

I would also want to thank the HMUA for this event, Desieriel Jarapa Estanislao. You really did a simple yet glamorous make-up on me! Great job!

This isn’t the end; this is just the beginning of my passion in photo modeling.


Till next blog post! ❤




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