JANUARY 25, 2017 – an unexpected tragedy happened.

It was the Intramurals Week at Far Eastern University – Silang together with its 8th anniversary celebration. As usual, I was excited to participate in the games. I was looking forward to join the basketball and volleyball competitions. However, a heart-breaking experience happened.


I am an athlete since I was 7. I started with Taekwondo then became part of the women’s basketball varsity at the Assumption College when I was in Grade 3. When I transferred to a public school, there was no team for basketball girls. That was when I joined the volleyball varsity. I was Grade 5 then.

I continued my volleyball career until high school. I have been into different competitions: interbarangay, district and division meets. If only I was not a financial aid scholar during college, I would surely continue my volleyball career then. My dad did not want me to apply as an athlete scholar because he thought that my grades will suffer. Nonetheless, I still participate in sport fests and tune-up games till now. I even joined the high school varsity training during my first year of teaching.


As what I have mentioned, it was the sports fest at FEU-Silang where I am working right now. There were four (4) teams: White Phoenix, Green Pythons, Yellow Panthers, and Black Titans. I belonged to Team White Phoenix. The members of our team were competitive – even the teachers. January 25 was the scheduled date of all our games since it was postponed the day before that due to heavy rains.

We had our basketball game in the morning. Honestly, I really got exhausted. My strength diminished compared to the strength I have when I was in high school and college. However, we had 7 hours of rest before our volleyball game so I thought I can still play with full force.

During the start of the first set, I was doing fine. All of my service went in and I was able to dig each spike that went towards me. Suddenly, when my student dug the ball which was not over, of course, I tried to get it by doing a spike. From that move, I suddenly felt extreme pain! I could not move my arm anymore! It was stock in its position! I did not cry, though. I have high pain tolerance. However, as I describe the pain, it was like breaking my bones. Worst, it was like removing my whole arm.

They were attempting to carry me because I can’t really bear the pain anymore.

I was hurriedly sent to a hospital near the school. Ms. Mitch, my colleague, was the one who assisted and patiently went with me while they were reporting the incident to my husband. Unfortunately, the hospital affiliated to the school located at Estrella, Silang, did not have the specific doctor I need and the facilities to cure me. What’s worse was that the nurse forced me to bring my arm down to capture an X-RAY photograph of my injury with the fact that I couldn’t because of the extreme pain! I hesitated; therefore, Ms. Mitch and I decided to transfer at De La Salle University Medical Center – Dasmarinas.

I was sent there after an hour. The pain was getting worse because of the numbness I was feeling. I really couldn’t put my arm down. We directly went to the emergency room. They did an X-RAY of my injured shoulder. After a few minutes, my husband came. Thank God! I felt better (emotionally) when I saw him. The first result of my X-RAY was TERRIBLE!

According to the doctors, my shoulder injury was a rare case because my bone did rotate upwards nor downwards; thus, it went inwards. This explains the pain I felt.

I waited for more hours then finally, the doctors told me what procedure they will be doing – it’s an operation without surgery, but I needed an anesthetic agent for me not to feel the painful sensation of what they are going to do. Additionally, they said that I am required to be admitted so that they could observe the result of the procedure.

My husband and I were worried because financially, we do not have money to pay for the operation and room where I will be admitted. We had no choice but to ask our relatives for money and pay it after some time. We actually hate having debts. But, we had no choice. However, with the help of Ms. Mitch, she was able to rely our concern. She was the one who communicated about the incident and proposed that maybe, I could be entitled with an insurance. In other words, the school shouldered the expenses.

To cut the story short, Ms. Mitch was able to rely this concern to FEU-Cavite’s Executive Director, Mr. Olivier Dintinger. My husband and I were so glad about this news. I was and still thankful because of this. ❤

FAST FORWARD – I was operated at dawn. They said that the operation was done in a jiffy since it was only external. As I woke up, I’m already in the recovery room and was brought to my room. My shoulder felt better but the pain was still there. I was advised not to lift it up, to carry using my right arm, and the most painful thing I heard once again, TO NOT PLAY SPORTS. I asked whether I can still ride a mountain bicycle. The doctors said that I have to wait for a month or more depending on the duration of the pain. I was also advised to undergo therapy sessions for my right shoulder and arm.


I hope that after I rest my shoulder, I would be able to do the things I love: playing sports and cycling. Though the doctor said that my injury can reoccur (especially that I am still young), I still hope that I can still be physically active. 😦


I just feel bad that I am always limited to the things I love to do because of health reasons. I still do hope that I can still engage into sports – even just cycling. That would definitely make me happy.

For those athletes out there with the same injury as mine, yes it is frustrating, but do not lose hope. Let’s altogether battle this stage of our athletic life! 🙂 #goodvibes

Please pray for my speedy recovery. Thank you. ❤



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