My birthday is ultimately significant for me. Yearly, I look forward to celebrating it.

Honestly, I was very pessimistic before my 24th birthday. Since I am a full time mom right now, I felt that celebrating this day was not likely to happen. Knowing our present situation, it is only my husband providing our needs. It is necessary for him to tighten up his belt to provide all our daily necessities, especially Viannah’s. That is why our plan to dine at Vikings Buffet did not push through. Though I understand, I still felt bad about it.


Never did I expect that my 24th birthday will become a BLAST! You may mistaken me for being luxurious; however, I really am not. All I want is that people would remember my birthday. Well, I am really that type of person. I like people, especially those close to my heart, to remember occasions like this. Simple greetings from my closest family members and friends will already give me great joy. I will actually be contented with that.

First thing in the morning, Viannah and Vigil sang a happy birthday song for me. My husband sang the ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ part, and Viannah sang the, ‘MOMMY’ part; as in, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOMMY!” They were so cute! ❤ My daughter kissed me, and it was the sweetest greeting, ever!

Also, it was not only my family and friends who greeted me, but also my former students mostly from De La Salle University – Dasmarinas. I really felt worthy as a teacher. ❤

I really felt loved by my family and friends. #feelingloved

These are just some of the Facebook greetings from them:

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I had nothing at all.

I really had no money; not even a single peso to at least treat my family out. The money I get from my tutorial sessions is just enough to buy my daughter’s diapers and milk; sometimes, it’s even inadequate.

I accepted the fact that my husband would just give me a budget to buy the ingredients I need to use, so I could cook a dish for my birthday. However, he did not even wake up early for us to go to the wet market *since it’s cheaper there*. It was already 10 o’clock when he woke up, and hurriedly got our dirty clothes to be washed. The more that I felt hopeless because doing the laundry means not — going — ANYWHERE.

I cried. I really did. I told myself that there will not be a celebration for me. I also told myself that if only I have a stable job, I could at least spend money to order a pizza for my birthday. I mean, birthdays only occur once a year, right? So, might as well celebrate!

Then, that afternoon, he suddenly asked me, “Mommy, magkano ba yung makeup na gusto mo?”. I answered, “Hindi ko alam. Basta sale ang Maybelline at Buy One Take One yung Ever Bilena.” Then he replied, “O sige, bibigyan na lang kita ng budget tapos ikaw na bumili.” Then I ranted, “Gusto ko samahan mo ako!”. He insisted that I should just buy the makeup products myself. So, I said that I’ll be buying the makeup at SM Bacoor because Robinsons Imus is usually out-of-stock, especially their Maybelline stall. After a while, I mouthed, “Ay hindi. Sa SM Dasma na lang ako bibili. Mas maraming stocks doon.” Then he suddenly asked me, “Anong oras tayo aalis?”. I got confused. So I asked him back, “Ha? Pupunta tayo sa palengke? Anong oras na. Wala na tayong mabibiling seafood doon.” He did not utter anything after that. He just prepared the things he needed for his bath. He brought out his brown longsleeve polo. I wondered. I was like, “Huh? Mamalangke lang kami tapos naka-longsleeve pa siya.” He, then said, “Sa SM Dasma ka bibili diba?”

A HUGE SMILE appeared on my face. I excitedly said, “Sasamahan mo ako?!” Then he replied yes.

We went out on a date. Thanks to my brother-in-law who took care of Viannah for us. We had a double celebration: my 24th birthday and our 2nd wedding anniversary. ❤



After we bought the makeup products I wanted, we roamed around the mall and looked for a restaurant which serves scrumptious food, yet not too pricey. We discovered MESA FILIPINO MODERNE *will be featured in this blog, soon!*. We had a great time! We loved the food, and enjoyed our time together. ❤

I was very happy! It’s not only because we were able to eat outside, but also because he spent time just to celebrate my birthday despite of his busyness and stress at work. ❤ #happywifey

A wish granted!

When I first saw the trailer of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”, I got extremely sad because I knew that I will not be able to watch it on the big screen! Ever since Harry Potter was introduced on cinemas, I never missed any of it. I love Harry Potter which is why I wanted to watch Fantastic Beasts badly. Because of frustration, I posted this:

capture1I did not expect that someone would grant this simple wish of mine… my Papa Roger! ❤ He knows how I love HP so much. He is a living witness!

My dad is also facing a financial crisis; however, he was still able to treat me for my birthday *though he enjoys free movie tickets because of his PWD Movie Pass*. I’m already 24 but he still treats me like his only baby girl. *lol!*

I traveled to Makati so that it’ll be convenient for my dad. We watched at Cash and Carry Mall. He bought me my favorite popcorn, Tater’s Minor League in White Cheddar. I enjoyed the movie so much! After watching, we ate at the mall’s ‘Food Circle’. I only asked for simple food: goto and palabok from Gloria’s Gotohan. As usual, he ordered the Sinigang na Ulo sa Miso from Baliwag’s Lechon Manok.

I really appreciated my dad’s effort. Up until now, he never fails to make me happy. ❤ #forverspoiled

The celebration didn’t end on the day of my birthday.

There was a sudden post celebration. My best buddy, Kimberly, messaged me on Facebook. She asked me out the following day. Since her off from work is on Mondays, we decided to eat out and have fun!

She was supposed to treat me a cinema ticket of Fantastic Beasts, but my dad already did. So, I just told her that I want to do the usual craziness with her. We planned to wear the same style and color of outfit. You know, ‘TWINNING’. #bestfriendgoals

Thanks to my mother-in-law, I was able to spend time with my best friend. We went to Mall of Asia, Pasay. Believe it or not, we spent an hour walking inside the mall just to find a place where to eat. You know, when we’re together, we talk a lot and do not notice that we’re already strolling for hours. *lol!* We settled at Don Henrico’s. We loved the service and food there *also to be featured here in my blog*. We conversed about a lot of things: crazy and matured things. I really enjoy talking to her because she’s a woman who has a broad and open mind. She never judged me for who I am and for what I have become.

We laughed. We ate. We had fun. ❤

After we filled our tummies, we went to Timezone. We wanted to sing our hearts out! Sadly, there were no vacant videoke rooms. We asked the mall guards to recommend a place where we can sing. They brought us to Centerstage Family KTV and Restobar, Seaside.

15285065_10207722016827711_758309435324021450_nWe were lucky to have an available room with a rate of 250Php/ hour. Not bad! We only planned to stay for an hour, but we extended because we really enjoyed. We sang like crazy and even took videos of ourselves. I am having second thoughts if I’ll be posting them because I have a horrible singing voice! *lol!* Thanks to Kimmy, she covered it up with her amazing tone. Haha! 🙂

We had a great time. There will come a day that it’ll be I who would ask her out, and make her have an awesome moment with me. All I could tell her was THANK YOU. For 11 years, she never left my side even during the years she was in Singapore. ❤ #thankfulfriend

My favorite picture of us. Truly candid!

I am blessed… OVERLY BLESSED!

With all the challenges my family and I are facing right now, I realized that I am still very blessed. ❤

Being blessed is not because I was still able to eat at restaurants or to watch a movie, but it is because I am blessed with people who TRULY loves me. I am surrounded by supportive, loving, caring, true, and awesome people who accepts me for who I am. ❤

As you age, you will realize who are TRUE to you.

You maybe spending time with people at parties or different celebrations right now, but not all of them would be true to you in the future.

You can end up with only a few people beside you, but what’s important is that they will truly love and accept you even though flaws are covering you up. ❤

A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me! I am thrilled to know the next chapter of my life. ❤

#Veehat24 #thankful #happiestbirthday #blessed

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