Teaching isn’t just a job… it’s a NOBLE profession.

Yes, you’ve got that right… it takes passion and patience to teach children and teenagers from different families and places.

People just say, especially in the Philippines, that an easy way out of being unemployed is being a teacher, “MAG-TEACHER KA NA LANG (Just apply for a teaching job)”. I want to express something about this thought using my first language, Filipino:


(Think twice before you say that. What don’t you try becoming one so that you can experience perspiring in blood, sleep late everyday, and work overtime each day.)

Yes, it’s difficult to become a teacher. Everyday, you enter Jurassic Park to calm, to discipline, to teach, and to emboss values to these dinosaurs *lol!*. But you know what, we teachers, enjoy a lot of perks. It may not be monetary incentives, but these benefits we gain are for keeps… instilled in our hearts, FOREVER. ❤


  • We always receive a gift on our birthday. No one will ever forget our birthday even if you don’t tell them the exact date. Students have ways on how to find out the date of our existence in this world. They will execute plans just to surprise us. Believe it or not, I’ve had tear-jerking experiences because of birthday surprises. If we feel that no one remembers our birthday, the students never will forget.
Giant card with love letters inside from 8-B (with gifts and a cake not in the picture)
  •  We never run out of assistants. If we can’t ask a favor from your siblings, well, in school, random students love to volunteer just to help us in many ways like bring our things to the next class or to the faculty room, help us distribute papers in class, announce memos in front, get things from our table when you have forgotten them, etc. Well, even if they don’t volunteer, once we ask, they’ll never say no *just scratch their heads at times, lol!*.
  • We get to go to field trips for free and with allowance. Perks of an adviser! Though it’s tiring to look after our class *especially if you handle the naughty ones*, we get to go to places where we haven’t been before. No need to worry about our food because allowance is given, yeeeebah! But, the best part is we get to bond with our students.
  • We never end a single day without laughing at their silly moments. As a teacher, one of the hardest parts to control is laughing in front of the class *as in!*. I even experienced getting mad at my advisory class then suddenly laughed because of a student. Imagine? From ‘beastmode’ to laugh mode just in a jiffy! Students can cause a lot of stress but there will always be those days where in we just die because of laughter.
  • We get to join their activities, get to perform, and receive applause. Yes, all the activities. This perk is actually my favorite because I am an athlete and a performer. When it’s Intrams Week, I get to play volleyball with my students and of course, my colleagues as well. I also get to perform on stage which I really love *since it was my life as a student back then*.
  • We get to do anything we want during our break time. We have in-between breaks (unless you have 6-7 classes a day like what I experienced last year). Usually a teacher has 4-5 class a day. The rest of hours are breaks. Sounds great, isn’t it? Well, actually no. During those hours, we do our paper works such learning plans, course outlines, instructional materials, checking of paper, recording of scores, etc. However, if there’s a day of less tasks, we get to eat and sleep… SLEEP *big smile*. One hour of one class is actually draining already. What more if you have 5 or more? So power nap is the key to energy regain *wink!*.
  • We always have days with free food. Aside from the fact that there are activities in school which involve food, students really love giving food especially on their birthdays. They’ll just surprise us by knocking on the door of the faculty room and hand-in food *best days ever*.
  • We have different adventures each day. Teaching is more than standing in front a class and talking for hours. An adventure awaits everyday. It’ll just surprise us how it will bring joy and at the same time, how it will annoy us *lol!*.
  • Gifts and love letters are always present during Valentines, Christmas, Teacher’s Day, Community Day, etc. We never run out of chocolates, lol! During Christmas season, I get to bring home 2 or more black bags full of gifts from students. But you know what? It’s not really the material things that count. The mere fact that they thought of me; that they thought of making me smile; that is priceless. Students can be as sweet as boyfriends… even sweeter. ❤
  • We get to wear different outfits for different occasions. Since I love dressing up, I also love the fact the teachers get to wear different outfits for different activities like acquaintance party, Buwan ng Wika celebration, JH prom, etc. Well, at least for me, its a perk *wink!*. It’s always a dilemma for us when the dress code of the events are already announced. We even ask each other updates like “Uy, ano, nakabili ka na? Anong kulay? Saan ka nakabili? Patingin!”. 🙂
  • We’ll be ready to become a parent one day because we’ve mastered child and teen psychology. No kidding. Since we encounter different personalities everyday, we actually have an idea how to teach and control our future children. As for me, I apply what I do to discipline my students to my daughter (baby style). We know the ups and downs of giving punishments and we also know when to give a reward.
  • We have a companion when we’re sad or even when we’re happy. Students will always ask, “Ms., okay ka lang po ba? Bakit po? Ano po ang nangyari?”. I’ve experienced having my whole class comfort me when my daughter was sent to the hospital. I actually cried in front of the class because of it. I know crying in class should not be done but I really just needed comfort and they were there for me.
  • We get to learn from their experiences in life. It’s not only students who learn from us. We also learn from them especially if we hear their stories in life. I, personally, get to realize why some of the students are attention-seekers. It’s sad actually. Most of them come from broken families; if not, their parents have no time for them *not all, but most*.
  • There will always be someone who appreciates our efforts. We sometimes feel that students just take advantage all of our efforts for them. Without noticing, they appreciate those. Some of my students would randomly message me just to say THANK YOU for all the efforts I’ve done for them. There was a time that a student thank me for being scary and strict because if it were not for my strictness, she will not learn English better. This just give my heart full of love for teaching.
  • Our hearts are always filled with lots of fulfillment. Definitely! Especially when you see them do efforts just for the class to win or get a reward. For me, winning isn’t my goal in school activities; my goal is to see them work together as a team… as a family. Winning is just a bonus. 🙂
BLUE TEAM 1st Runner Up | DLSUD Intrams 2015
  • Some may hate us, but there will always be students who will wholeheartedly love us. You can hear hatred and even curses from students. Yes, it hurts; however, there will always be students who love us for who we are whether we’re strict, chill, cool, or terror. This is what I love about them. They will never forget that we became their teachers; that we became their advisers; that we became their mentors.

This is what I love about teaching that money can never pay… STUDENTS’ LOVE FOR US AS THEIR TEACHER.

Teaching is a difficult profession but a worthy one. For those teachers out there, what else are our perks? You may share them by commenting below. Let’s love our job… or should I say, LOVE OUR NOBLE PROFESSION. 🙂




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