Who could not agree with me, girls? You’ve got to admit…


Some of us, girls, don’t put BB creams, foundations, eyeliners, or whatsoever make-up on our face for as long as there’s lipstick present on our face. We could simply walk out of our homes with just lipstick on! That’s the amazing power of lipstick *kiss kiss*!

My lipstick collection…

A photo that sums it all!

I started to collect lipstick when I met my colleagues at De La Salle University – Dasmarinas. They have taught me how to become addicted to it! *lol!* Since I just started collecting lipstick last year, I only have a few as of now, and some of them are already wiped out *just like my super favorite Maybelline Lip Gradation RED2 lipstick; which I’ll be purchasing again when money shows up, lol!*. In my collection, I only have 16 shades. Most of them are nude because I super love nude shades! And, you would notice, I do love Maybelline! *well, it’s usually on sale, and even if it’s cheaper than other brands, their products are superb!!!*

I will be presenting my collection by shade: NUDES, REDS, PINKS, MAGENTAS, AND ORANGES.


This is Maybelline’s Colorsensational Red Revival (645). This is a gift from one of my students *perks of being a teacher!* They also know that I’m addicted to lipstick since I wear different shades each day! What I love about this lipstick is that it is so rich even if it’s not matte-finished. I also love its vanilla-like scent! This one will give your lips a deep red kiss!

This one is given by my lovely ninang, Ninang Leng. This is H&M’s Lipstick and Lip Gloss Duo. This isn’t matte too but its bright red color is love! I usually don’t use its lip gloss but it’s also worth the swipe! 🙂

Another red shade but this one’s darker. This is Fashion 21’s Color Mood Bad Apple gloss lipstick. For some of those who tried this, it won’t fully color their lips, however in my case, it does color on my lips. It’s just that it’s not too dark as it seems when you personally look at it. Nonetheless, this shade is great when you are wearing monochrome white or gray outfits.

This is one of my favorites; Etude House’s Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk RD313. This red shade is orangy-red like. I actually use this like Maybelline’s Lip Gradation lipstick because this is matte. Papa D got this for me when he went to Singapore.


Let’s go with the nudes. We have here Maybelline’s ColorShow Mysterious Mocha. This nude shade is a little but darker than my other nude-shaded lipsticks. Colorshow is Maybelline’s cheapest lipstick but it’s a great product. It’s only 165 pesos each! Yay! *and they usually put it on sale worth a hundred and fifty!*

This one is pinkish nude from 4U2 Lipaholic Lax 12. This is semi matte but it’s nice to swipe. Got this one from SM Dasmarinas and it was on sale. This color is perfect for pink and peachy outfits.

Another gift from Papa D; Etude House’s Dear My Wish BE101.This is not matte-finished however, it stays hours on my lips. Also one of my favorites!

This, I can say, is Ever Bilena’s best lipstick ever! It’s their EB Matte Mauvey. I actually love its Dusk shade. I just haven’t got any yet *since I usually borrowed from my colleagues lol!* This one is best for smokey eyes make-up since your lips would look like barely nude.

Another favorite of mine! EB’s Matte Lipstick Toast of New York! If you’re looking for a brownish shade, then, this one’s perfect! I love wearing this with my uniform before because it actually blends well with any outfit! Perfect for smokey eyes too!


Of course, would pink shades be absent? Of course not! Here are my favorite pink lipsticks! 🙂

Let’s start of with coral pink; Maybelline’s Colorshow Rock the Coral lipstick! I love how this shade makes my look very ‘Korean’ especially when I braid my hair. This just look so light on my face. I love this when I put wings on my eye! *if you know what I mean, lol!*

A loud pink shade which I <3! Maybelline’s Colorshow Flaming FuchsiaThis one stays on my lips for a day *seriously!*  Even if I wash my face and brush my teeth, this one stays on my lips *haha!* This shade is perfect if you don’t want make-up on your eyes and face. You’ll never look pale in this!

This one is Maybelline’s Bold Matte MAT2 ! Another gift from a student of mine. This shade is ‘neonish’ pink. Also perfect for eyes with winged eyeliner because it’ll give you a fresh Korean look! *wink wink!*


You can never go wrong with violet or magenta! Presenting…

Maybelline’s Colorshow Madly Magenta! This is a perfect plumlike shade. If you want a mix of pink and purple, then, this one’s the lipstick for you!

Violet lover? Oh yes! This is the perfect shade for you! Maybelline’s Creamy Matte Vibrant Violet! I super love this unique shade! This one is perfect for an all-black outfit! Don’t you just love that villainy look?



The only orange shade I have…

Crazy? Haha! Yes, I use orange as my lipstick, but rarely. It’s Maybelline’s Colorshow Shocking Orange! *shocking, ain’t it?* I just feel like I have whiter skin if I use this, lol! This one is nice if you are wearing pastel-colored outfits.

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT… Veeh’s Lipstick Collection! Not much, but these are treasure for me.

Photo grabbed from Google.

True enough! We may have a bad day, but we just swipe it up, and we’re good to go!

There’s always a shade for everything! Broken-hearted? Stressed? Angry? Frustrated? Happy? Excited? In love? NAME IT! There’s always a shade for a woman’s mood!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post! More features soon! Till next time! CIAO!






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