Gosh! I did miss blogging! Because of all the busy mommy duties, I haven’t got time to blog these days but, here, I’m back! This time, I will talk talk about one of my obsessions… MAKEUP!!!

Most of us love makeup. Some are even willing to spend thousands of Pesos just to get the best brands of makeup. But, admit it, putting makeup everyday can bring stress to our skin especially with the heat and pollution here in the Philippines.

We don’t need to wear heavy makeup everyday.

If you want to feel natural and feel fresh, why not try a makeup that looks like #nomakeup?

This is my face without makeup. At home, it’s okay to look like this but it’s a no-no if you’ll go to work especially if your job is to face people; just like my line of work, teaching. I need to look presentable.

Liquid foundation is too thick for me. My face also sweats easily and it sweats a loooot. Therefore, I go for BB cream. Since I am a full-time mom right now, my priority is to spend money for my baby and less for myself… less for makeup. I needed to find a cheap brand but safe to use. I discovered Careline’s BB Cream Whitening (shade: NUDE).

Just put a thin drop on each part of the face (on the forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, lower nose) and blend it. Don’t forget to apply on your neck.


I only apply BB cream thinly, but my skin becomes less oily and some of the dark spots were concealed.

The next thing you must do is to lighten those eye bags with a concealer. I also use Careline to lessen the dark shade under my eyes.

Once you put the concealer, it’ll lighten your eye bags. However, apply thinly so that it will look natural.

After the BB cream and concealer, finish up with a face/pressed powder.


Use a powder brush so that you can control the amount of powder you’re applying. Careline’s HONEY-shade pressed powder will make your face too white if you put it thickly. Again, apply a thin amount only. Maybelline’s pressed powder is a good brand, too! It’s just that I consumed mine already and could not afford to purchase it again so, I tried Careline (you know, budget probs *lol!*).

Next, do your eyebrows. I use Fashion 21 brow liner. Just a tip: only fill in the parts where there are less hair so that it would just look natural, and not too thick.


A black eyebrow pencil will make your brows look unnatural… it’ll look FAKE! It’s just like you placed on an eyebrow sticker on your face. Also, after applying the eyebrow product, use an eyebrow brush (sorry, I don’t know the ‘makeup term’ for that) to blend it.

After your eyebrows, touch up those eyelids with… EYE SHADOW! For you to avoid scattered eye shadow, use an adhesive tape and put it on each side of your eyes.


 This will help you apply the eye shadow and eyeliner easily.


I use ETUDE (which was given to me), but any eye shadow brand will do. Just use the natural colors for an every day look.


After applying the eye shadow, it’s EYELINER time! Nichido’s Pen Liner for me is the best so far. Just apply it near the roots of your eyelashes.

This liquid liner is a little bit costly but worth it. It is easy to apply and it lasts for hours. It does not smudge easily. The liner’s pen tip is thin which will make it easy for you to do different strokes.

Afterwards, your curl those lashes and emphasize them with a mascara! I use Maybelline’s Hypercurl Mascara – cheap yet it’s a great product. For me, mascara is actually Maybelline’s expertise.

 This will give your lashes a full, and it will give your lashes more volume.

I think this mascara is SALE this August. You can get this for only Php 150!

Before the lips, put some blush on your cheeks. I use Etude’s Grapefruit Jelly Brush #6.

The color is kind of ‘orangey’. It’s perfect for a natural look. Again, apply a thin amount only.

Lastly, the lips – apply a nude-shade lipstick.

After that, TADAAAAAH! You’re ready to go! 


A very LIGHT and NATURAL look with #NOFILTER! Your face wouldn’t be so stressed because you only applied less! Of course, style up your hair to add to your natural-looking make-up! 🙂 *see cover photo and the photo below*.


Stay Fab with LESS!

Thank you for reading this blog post! Remember:

Women who wear makeup doesn’t mean they’re not naturally beautiful. It’s just a matter of making ourselves feel MORE beautiful. Make-up or no make-up, BE CONFIDENT!

More makeup sesh sooooon! Tune in for more! You can add my official Facebook account | VEEH NARVAEZ-BATARIO | or follow me on Twitter and Instagram | @veehgil022



***Some of the products here are given by friends and family so I really spent less. But, for affordable makeup brands, go for CARELINE, MAYBELLINE, FASHION21, and matte lipstick of EVER BILENA (which is not featured here).

*Disclaimer: I am not a professional makeup artist. I only used my own techniques in applying the products.


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