Girls, don’t we just love clothes?

Dresses. Rompers. Shorts. Tank tops. Skirts.

     A lot of people just love to dress up. But, do we really need to spend a lot of money just to have that #ootd goal? Well, this post will talk about fashion for less, but it can be classy as branded clothes.

     Familiar with the Filipino saying, “Nasa nag-dadala yan!”? Yes, I agree with that. I am a type of an outfit addict who doesn’t spend much on clothes (but my closet is about to burst, lol!).

Got this outfit for only Php 250… Off-shoulder Aztec top = Php 50 (Rizz Boutique) Wide denim shorts = Php 1oo (Preppy) Black-strapped sandals = Php 100 (St. Francis Square)

     I am, as what I say, a ‘Tiangge’ shopper. I love places which have lots of fashionable yet affordable clothes.

     KZEN is one of my favorite shops. You can find this boutique at Robinsons Imus or Dasmarinas (I’m not sure if they have a branch in Metro Manila. I haven’t checked yet).

Cover-up pants (Php 100) and Lace off-shoulder top (Php 150) from KZEN shop

     Another place to find classy clothes is through the internet… Instagram! There are a lot of IG shops which have great finds (I will be starting my own business soon. Watch out for that!). You just have to browse and search for tags such as #maxidress #virtualtiangge #igshops. You can try browsing djourshop, nakedclothingph, all149shoppe, 99shoppe, mitchyclosetph.

Off-shoulder top from Djour Shop (Php 300) and Gray loose pants from Mitchy Closet (Php 120)

     I also purchase second-hand clothes or what we call PRE-LOVED clothes. There are fashionistas who take care of their clothes that are good as brand new. This way, you can also get branded clothes at a low cost. I actually had an online shop which I sold second-hand clothes. But since I was teaching that time, I lacked time to manage my shop. But now, I have all the time since I will be a full-time mom soon. I will again open my online shop soooooon! *wink!

     Another fashionistas’ haven stop for shopping is at St. Francis Square. You just have to be patient enough to roam around the place to get the cheapest price (because there are tiangges there which sell same designs and quality, but it’s more costly compared to other shops).

I got this Pink turtle neck, slit dress for only Php 200 at St. Francis Square. The oversized denim jacket I wore here was only Php 150 (pre-loved) from an IG shop.

     Another place to come for fashionable clothes is at Cash and Carry Mall located at Filmore Street, Palanan, Makati City. At the second floor, there lay the boutiques. Shops there are much more expensive than of KZEN and St. Francis Square, but there are shops which offer affordable clothes.

This light pink sando dress is only Php 100 from Cash and Carry tiangge.

     See? You really don’t need to lose  a lot of ‘blings’ just to look good. Play with colors and designs, and my secret?

Be confident – that’s the trick!

Fashion isn’t really expensive. It really depends on how we bring ourselves and the level of confidence we have.

Most of all, BE YOU.

Express the REAL you! ❤

You don’t need to mind what people will chit-chat about your outfit. What’s important is that you’re comfortable with what you are wearing! 🙂

Feel free to LIKE, SHARE, and COMMENT below. Happy Reading! 




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