VICTORIA VIANCA NARVAEZ-BATARIO – VEEH, that’s what I like people to call me.

I graduated at the Assumption College, Makati – batch 2013. I am a licensed professional teacher for 4 years now. I teach in the Basic Education Division of my alma mater, AC – San Lorenzo, Makati. I had also taught at St. Mary’s Academy, Pasay and at De La Salle University in Dasmarinas, Cavite, and FEU – Cavite in Silang (as a substitute). I became a MOM at 22 to the most beautiful blessing I ever received from God, VIANNAH AVERY (you’ll be reading more about her here in my blog).

     I am MARRIED for two years to the most ‘handsome guy’ in my life (no sarcasm intended, lol!), Vigil Gan C. Batario. He also writes essays about politics. You can read them on his Facebook page, ADHIKAING KAYUMANGGI. You will love his articles. 👌

      I am an also aspiring model even though I do not have the ‘ideal body’ of a fashion model. I just like to prove that I could do whatever I aspire with no hindrances. I may not be a size zero, but I have that oozing confidence to express myself as a model.
      I am an athlete as well. I play volleyball, basketball, badminton, and a beginner in the cycling world. However, due to my current injury, I have to limit my engagement in sports. I will be back in playing sports soon. STAY TUNED FOR THAT (*wink!).
I am now back at sports! Weekly, I play volleyball with my colleagues. Also, I ride my MTB going to work and enjoy weekend rides with my husband. ❤ All it took was to ignite the flame of my passion in sports, and of course, to become more careful and mindful.


     I decided to come up with this blog, The Vibrant Chronicles, to share my personal experiences which I believe people can definitely relate with. My goal is to INSPIRE; not to impress anyone. I would like to give an enlightenment to those people who are probably experiencing what I have had experienced in life. I’m not a veteran yet, but I can say that I have been through a lot of twists and turns in life.

Motherhood. Fashion. Makeup. Real Life Experiences. Love. Marriage Life. Womanhood. Relationships. Food. Recipes. 

     Those are just some of the topics which will be featured here. Feel free to SHARE my blog posts, but NEVER TO PLAGIARIZE! 

    I would also be glad to hear from you! Contact me through this blog. You may also follow me on my Instagram and Twitter accounts – @veehgil022, and you may also add me on Facebook – Veeh Narvaez-Batario.







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