As our parents say, “Maiintindihan mo kami kapag nagka-anak ka na.”

     Indeed, that is true. Whatever my dad had told me before about my silly questions, made me understand him as a FATHER. I never imagined my life to be as awesome, yet as difficult right now.

     I had her at 21. Not an ideal age, right? But yes, she came – an angel was given to me by God in surprise.

     How did I know I was pregnant? MY PERIOD WAS, of course, DELAYED. It was delayed 20 days. Even with that fact, I was in denial. That’s because I was AFRAID  afraid of my dad, afraid of my family, afraid of what people will say, afraid of how I will sustain my brother’s education, and most of all, afraid of not being ready.



     When my dad knew about my pregnancy, he told me to have an OB-GYNE check-up immediately. This is very important; this is to monitor your baby whether he/she is healthy or to know if something not usual is going on inside your tummy. Through a TVU, I heard HER first heartbeat and saw her first PHOTO at 2 months of my pregnancy. That was the most UNEXPLAINABLE feeling ever! I never felt so happy, nervous, and scared all at the same time! She looked like a GUMMY BEAR, as what the doctor described HER.

     I had to sacrifice my work at that time. I didn’t want to stop working at that school, but I had too since I violated their GOLDEN rule… “NO PREGNANCY BEFORE MARRIAGE”. It is a Catholic school run by nuns so I understand why. I’m lucky to have had supportive colleagues that time. They helped me exit gracefully. I need not to flaunt things out which, for sure, will cause conflicts.

     However, I did not stop earning money. I never felt so thirsty for having an income after resigning from work! I wanted to earn money to buy the things my little one will be needing after I give birth. I wanted to spoil her by eating varieties of food as well (since I was eating for TWO people already). Therefore, I got a part time job… tutorials.

     I would always go to malls (the best place is at Landmark, Makati) to eye-on cute and useful baby stuff! I was so excited that I bought a lot (you know, #firsttimemomproblems). I would always rub my tummy and talk to HER. I would always think of what I’ll be doing when she gets out. I even read baby books (imagine? I read THICK baby books well in fact, I really do not read books unless it is required).

I knew her gender at 7 months. I started searching for names which start with ‘V’ since my name and my husband’s name start with the same letter.

Not one day did I forget to pray for my safe delivery.

March 3, 2015 at 7:23 in the morning, SHE was born…

     I labored for almost 24 hours. We aimed for normal delivery, but we failed because my cervix didn’t expand enough to give birth. Before reaching 10 cm., my baby pooped inside which made the doctor decide to do an emergency CS since it’s dangerous for the baby, herself. I got admitted in the E.R. at 7am of March 2, 2015 and got ‘sliced’ (what a term, lol!) around passed 6 a.m. of March 3, 2015.

A photo in the OR with my husband’s cousin who is a nurse at Ospital ng Makati, Icoy Batario. But seriously, I don’t even know why I was smiling here. According to Icoy, my tummy was getting stitched at that moment… YIKES!

     I named her ‘Viannah Avery’. VIANNAH (Viana-original spelling) which, according to a website, means ALIVE; AVERY, well, I got it from a movie  (I forgot the title). The character from that movie was so pretty and brave, so I decided to give her that name because I believe that she will be as pretty and brave like the said movie character.

     She weighed 6.3 pounds… and she was so LOVELY!

Her first photo taken by Icoy Batario.


The first time I held Viannah in my arms. This moment of my life is so PRICELESS!

Time flies so fast! The collaged photos below shows her development until she turned 1.

Now, she has turned 1 year old.

Celebration of her 1st birthday at RACKS Restaurant in SM Mall of Asia.

Viannah really changed my life.

My views in life changed. I became selfless. I had more dreams, not for me, but for her.

      I’ve never been so joyful in my life.

     I will never make her experience NOT having a mom like what I am still feeling until now. I will be on her side until I exist in this world.

I can say that my dad’s right. He always told me that a parent will do everything for his/her child. And yes, I do experience that now as a mother.

Also, I became much stronger -TOUGHER!

     I will do everything just protect my only child.

     I do understand now how it is to become a parent – a REAL MOTHER. And now that she’s one year old, I am facing new phases of motherhood. IT IS DIFFICULT, but it is more of a FULFILLMENT than of a burden (it never is a burden).

     That’s why if you’re blessed with a child, YOU’RE LUCKY. Never think of losing your child.

Planned pregnancy or not, a child is a BLESSING not a burden nor a sin.

Love your child. Cherish every moment!

     It is not forever he/she will be at your side.

     I hope YOU were enlightened by my experience (especially when the one reading is at the stage of unplanned pregnancy at the moment).

     Just enjoy pregnancy *it is also the stage of your life when all of your loved ones will spoil you *wink!

Feel free to LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT (only good-vibe comments *nega peeps, go away!).

I hope this helped inspire mothers, mother-to-be, or mothers-at-heart like you! Have a great day! 🙂







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